Match Thread Everton v West Ham Utd; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

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My feelings on this game will depend on who is available. If we have DCL, Richarlison, Digne, Mina, Coleman etc all available then I think we have a good chance. If most of those players are still unavailable then it will be an extremely tough game because West Ham are very organised and efficient. Hopefully some good news on Friday at the press conference. I think it's a big ask to beat these with the team who started against Norwich and United.
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I think Mina will play, he’s in superb form
And we need him. And I can’t see iwobi staring.

For Rafael, supposedly a defensive manager and we obviously don’t have loads of possession. He still likes to go with a 442. With a split striker. And he seems he prefers pace in them 4 positions. I can see Gordon keeping his place, If only one of DCL and Richarlison are fit.

Your right it's absolutely a Mina game but worry he might be in the red zone playing so late on Thursday night and don't want to risk him missing more games because we didn't rest him here.

I also agree with your 2nd point I would rather Gordon than Iwobi. It gives you the option of 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1 without changing personnel. I just think most managers seem to drift back to more experienced players when push comes to shove. Only Moyes early in his tenure has really played any youngsters.


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Be one of those games where it'll depend on who is fit and available.

DCL and Richarlison fit and we would have beaten Utd imo and it'll be similiar here.

Those two missing and I cant see a win.


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I have a deeply-embedded and only vaguely irrational dislike of West Ham:
1. They have a free £1000000000 stadium and do nothing but moan about it. WT actual F.
2. They knocked us out in the last minute of injury time in the semi-final replay of the 1980 FA Cup - the first time as a kid I knew the pain that was to come as an Everton fan. Frank Lampard senior, if I recall.
Ah that Lampard did it sneak inside the post? I agree, excrutiatingly painful memories.

There were a few Evertonians inside Elland Road that night.
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