2020/21 Cenk Tosun

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Graduate of Big Ron's love acadeny
How credible is the sauce on him waiting his wages paid in full to clear off?

Cheeky if true. Personally I'd be tempted to agree, but with a few clauses.

1) on condition he wears a multi-colour afro style clown wig in all public appearances
2) he renounces the fascist regime he loves so much. Publicly on video.
3) he let's one lucky GOT poster (nominee to be identified by the 'bomb shelter committee'*) manage his twitter account for a year. Full editorial control, post whatever whenever.

Should be down with that I reckon.

*Keith makes his comeback.


Player Valuation: £10m
We would basically be paying Tosun to play for another club. Where's the benefit to Everton in that deal? He may have no hair, but the guy has a set of balls on him lol
If that's his stance then we keep him but don't let him anywhere near the squad.

Get him in the canteen rather than giving him all that money to sign for another club.


Player Valuation: £35m
If Everton are going to pay his wages in full and loan him out for free, I’ve got a few jobs at the moment he could help me with.
Although I’m sure a few on here could give some good examples of real jobs he could do under that scenario.
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