Anybody that can watch not watching tonight's Derby ?

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I feel quite neutral about the game if I'm honest and really can't decide if I'll watch it or not.


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I'm going to be there in the seat in GT4 I've had for 26 years.

Expecting a shellacking of course but I expected that in Joe Royle's first game as manager and the Cadamarteri derby too. In fact, we went into both those derbys in an even lower ebb than we are now.
Good shouts them games , but the rat’s are a much more ruthless team now compared to the 90’s.

Blue Sky

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Match of the day is on as well tonight so we can watch the highlights as well !!

Double cheese on toast for supper



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I’ll be shouting at my tv no doubt! Can’t remember feeling this pessimistic about our chances. If Rafael starts Rondon, i have lost the little faith I have in him. My Newcastle friend is coming round to watch it with me, he stills thinks Rondon and Rafael are decent! All my swearing might confuse him!
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