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  1. bluejock

    flying banners

    Which one was it?
  2. bluejock

    Match Thread Everton v Watford. 8th Aug at 15.00.

    Pure undiluted shabite from megahead Six nil the tricky blues
  3. bluejock

    Hibs v Everton pre season friendly?

    Poor old Jim McAllister rushing himself off to hospital after the horrific "bite" but turning back because the traffic was busy.....
  4. bluejock

    Everton v Burnley. 18th April at 15.00.

    I like how little effort you put into these now.
  5. bluejock

    Everton today....

    Cracking first half, god awful second. Discuss *waits
  6. bluejock


    I've drank them out of my conciousness and convinced myself they didn't happen.
  7. bluejock


    Excellent thread contribution imho
  8. bluejock


    When you get the opportunity to vote for your player of the year, put it towards someone fully deserving. Three league starts, three clean sheets. Pound for pound, Everton's best player of the 2014/15 season Vote Joel Robles #Joel4POTY
  9. bluejock


    Passion is great. It doesn't make up for being absolutely garbage at your primary role though.
  10. bluejock


    If he's not gone in the summer, then something has gone badly wrong. He's absolute cack.
  11. bluejock

    Everton v Dynamo Kiev. 12th March at 20.05.

    The only good thing to come out of this tie will be seeing our name on their scoreboard as Ebeptoh
  12. bluejock

    Martinez Out: Post Stoke poll

    Is there a new one of these after every game? [Poor language removed] hell lads, have a day off
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    We did in 2011. Pienaar is absolutely [Poor language removed] tonk now and has been for too long. Re-signing him from Spurs was ridiculous.
  14. bluejock


    Andrei was the pinnacle, wasn't he? Absolute class. Pienaar was ok too before he bought concrete boots. Atsu and McGeady after Kev leaves. Flip off Everton you flipping twits.
  15. bluejock

    Everton players you've had an inexplicable hatred of

    I [Poor language removed] despise Distin fronts young fans on twitter but shits out of 50/50 tackles on the pitch. rat.
  16. bluejock

    Biggest blue you know?

    Goat He's fcking huge.
  17. bluejock

    Orange and Blue

    If you choose your football team based on religion, you're a fcking idiot. It's got absolutely no place in football.
  18. bluejock

    Shouts from the stand

    Sat in the directors box for an FA Cup tie against Coventry, ex kopite David Burrows was taking a throw in around the halfway line, some business executive or other just down from me shouts "BURROWS" Poor David makes the cardinal sin of looking into the crowd to try and find the voice, before...