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  1. Alio

    2017/18 Davy Klaassen

    Big transfer fee, but of an unknown, not a standout debut needs to shave his head more than Wayne = easy target My Dutch, Feyenoord supporting, Ajax hating boss thinks he's gonna be quality and hated saying that. I think he's gonna be klass.
  2. Alio

    Match Thread Everton v Stoke City . Saturday 12/08/2017. 15.00

    Wayne Rooney hey Can't disagree with that, was a bit baffling wasn't it Wonderful header/goal.
  3. Alio

    2017/18 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Has dreamy eyes Wait, what?
  4. Alio

    Homepage Update: £40m Bid Made For Sigurdsson

    I'm not sure I'd really believe that Bidding near on 50m him, yet he thinks we don't have belief in his true value. Sure. It'll go through, just not as soon as we would like it I'd say
  5. Alio

    Homepage Update: £40m Bid Made For Sigurdsson

    I would like it if we signed this player. Purely for the fact he's currently not gonna play either way on Saturday and he's in my fantasy team FFS Sign already!
  6. Alio

    2017/18 Davy Klaassen

    Think he was the signing this summer I knew least about / therefore maybe most worried about...but I liked the neat one two's around the box and he always looked like he wanted to be involved. I was pretty happy from what I saw tonight from I can't believe its not Naismith
  7. Alio

    Confirmed Signing Confirmed: Davy Klaassen -

    Is it pronounced like Davvvvvy, or Davey? Still blows my mind when I realised it was Dave-K and not Davek I won't be fooled twice.
  8. Alio

    Confirmed Signing Cuco Martina

    Ooooooohhhhh he's that guy. Genuinely no idea who he was until then Sounds very much like a 90's wrestler who had a parrot
  9. Alio

    Top Four Possibility

    Its On.
  10. Alio

    Transfer Rumour Juan Mata

    I fear you have replied in the wrong thread Sir.
  11. Alio

    Monchi DoF

    I am so out of the know with soccer that I just googled someone called Monchi Dof Oh Alio =/
  12. Alio

    Darron Gibson

    Surprising one I have to admit, I thought he would have moved on. Not against it though, just not the obvious news we were after today so that's gonna leave an obvious bitter taste Nice bench option for when we sign Bilyaletdinov back anyway
  13. Alio

    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    I just want some handsome player from Euro / Asia, who scores wonder goals
  14. Alio

    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    26 months and counting... Fairplay to Everton, they never stated how many months I guess. Crafty
  15. Alio

    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    I once wrote about a 1000 word essay on why he should play just behind the striker, I meant every word. What a time to be alive, part of me died when he left for pastures new. Probably witnessed him make one of the worst performances of all time in an Everton shirt, but every other 10 games...
  16. Alio

    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    Oh I know But for one glorious summer, I thought he was better than Ronaldinho Can we just pretend for a while?
  17. Alio

    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    Its because he was.
  18. Alio

    Next manager discussion (poll reset 21/05/2016)

    Gonna happen any minute guyz
  19. Alio

    Most unlikeable Everton player ever?

    That's when he was a Hero. Fo sho
  20. Alio

    Most unlikeable Everton player ever?

    Phil Neville went from straight up Hero to Zero for me, can't really remember why... I think it was when he kept floating crosses in
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