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  1. Woolly Blue

    2018/19 Jonjoe Kenny

    Jonjoe Kenny - 2018/19 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Woolly Blue Please use this thread for all discussion relating to Jonjoe Kenny's 2018/19 match performances. Feel free to start new threads regarding any new topics of discussion relating to this player - new contracts, player...
  2. Woolly Blue

    More than 29,300 season tickets renewed

    That's according to anyway It seems that those on social media saying they won't renew while Allardyce is still in charge are a vocal minority.
  3. Woolly Blue

    Marco Silva

    He's probably an outsider for the job, but there's a fair amount of speculation out there, and he's more likely to be next Everton manager than Moyes, so I think he's worth his own thread. If it was a straight choice between Silva, Dyche, Allardyce and Unsworth, then Silva would get my vote...
  4. Woolly Blue

    2017/18 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin - 2017/18 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: Woolly Blue Please use this thread for all discussion relating to Dominic Calvert-Lewin's 2017/18 match performances. Feel free to start new threads regarding any new topics of discussion relating to this player - new...
  5. Woolly Blue

    Gross Spend / Net Spend / Wages

    In terms of progressing us as a club, which do you think is most important ? Poll attached, but, to be honest, that's a bit too simplistic. Personally, I'd weight them as follows :- Wages : 40% Net Spend : 30% Gross Spend : 30%
  6. Woolly Blue

    The Calvert-Lewin Poll

    Yes, i know there's a thread already, but this one's got a poll and the bossman says ... so here's a poll to vote on whether or not you think he's worth a new five year contract. Mods : Please close this thread when the poll's closed in a couple of weeks, or earlier if you're so inclined.
  7. Woolly Blue

    Goals for in the PL Era - A meaningless analysis

    So, another four goals today, to add to the four we scored against Hull, the six against Bournemouth, the four we put past City, not to mention ( though I'm just about to ), the three we put past WBA, Soton, Boro and S'land means we appear to be scoring for fun this season. To put this into...
  8. Woolly Blue

    Europa League Qualification Poll

    Sorry @Eggs, I know there's already a thread about Europa League, but I like a good poll.
  9. Woolly Blue

    Never felt more like singin' the Blues

    It's been a while ...
  10. Woolly Blue

    Tickets : Buying to sell

    GOT has a very successful thread allowing posters to exchange tickets at face value and while I've never bought a ticket of anyone from here, I have sold/ passed on a few to people I know reasonably well off the forum, so I'm not judging anyone here. However, I can't help but note there's a...
  11. Woolly Blue

    Net Spend Estimate -24 hour poll

    Yea, I know, another bloody transfer thread. Please keep speculation about players elsewhere and just talk about how much you think we'll spend. The poll will be open for 24 hours. If the mods havn't got bored with the thread before them please can you lock the thread after the poll's closed ?
  12. Woolly Blue

    COYB or Come On Blue Boys ?

    I mean seriously, do people actually say Come on You Blues without having their tongue firmly in their cheek ?
  13. Woolly Blue

    Bolton v Everton - Macron Stadium 7pm kick off

    If you're not here for this Checkatrade group match, then you're a crap fan. If you are, then pick a seat, any seat. Team news is ...
  14. Woolly Blue

    Stones - Wish him well or get lost lad ?

    What the hell, I will. If it turns into a replica of the main thread then I'm sure the mods will tidy the place up by closing this, but it would be nice to give it 24 hours or so to see how we, as a fanbase, feel about John's decision to leave the club. So, vote and stuff ...
  15. Woolly Blue

    Idrissa Gueye

    Apparently we've met his release clause ?
  16. Woolly Blue

    Leicester 3 Everton 1 : Match Report and MOTM Poll

    Like best man speeches ( nods to Mikey ) should be, I'll keep this short and sweet. I got drenched walking from the car. The opera singer went on too long. We were bloody awful Leicester scored three goals. Vardy shot his load over the bar ( havn't we all at some time ? ) Mirallas came on...
  17. Woolly Blue

    Daire Flanagan

    From Seamus Coleman has donated £5,000 to a campaign aiming to help a miraculous young Evertonian get to Goodison Park next season. Earlier this week, the name of Daire Flanagan appeared on social media as his story was...
  18. Woolly Blue

    The left back question

    Carrying on from a question @micknick asked in the Oviedo thread ... If, next season, our squad only had two recognised left backs in it, which two would you prefer ? For the sake of the argument, assume Galloway's a centre half who can fill in if needbe.
  19. Woolly Blue

    Stoke 0 : Everton 3 - MOTM Poll

    In keeping with the new style "keep it short and clean" previews we've had recently here's an abbreviated match report and a MOTM poll. Don't worry, I'm just the substitute today, I won't be doing it again. On a wet and windy afternoon at the Britannia ( who'd have thought it eh ? ) an Everton...
  20. Woolly Blue

    Transfer Rumour Tomas Andrade to join on loan ? ( Deal now off )

    Martinez quoted as saying we're looking at signing this lad on loan to join the U21's Thoughts ?
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