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  1. Brisan123

    Would you be in favour of Benitez being our next manager

    Simply Benitez yes or no Hopefully the board take notice
  2. Brisan123

    What will we spend this summer

    Our summer spend I reckon judging by Carlos comments it’s be a big spend and FFP will be dispensed with Expecting a lot of deadwood out and possibly 2 big sales ,Kean and one or 2 others A gross spend of 200m would not surprise me
  3. Brisan123


    Welcome to Everton Real star Isco 'interested in joining Everton on loan in January'
  4. Brisan123

    Our Best 11

    With a lot of posters panicking about our perceived lack of activity in the transfer window,I thought I would ask posters for their best 11 assuming all players are fit and healthy This may explain why Carlo and Brands are prepared to wait till the summer to do business. It gives them a chance...
  5. Brisan123

    I’m just waiting for the .............................

    GO on someone has to start it
  6. Brisan123

    40 Points , Can we sack Sam now

    As the title says , we have 40 points so safe from relegation FSA has done his job , can we sack him now with our thanks , a cheque and a vat of gravy. PS take the back stabber and the urine drinker with you
  7. Brisan123

    New Stadium Name

    What are posters idea on a name for a new stadium I know naming rights will dictate its official name but surely we can have a name that we the supporters can call it I don't fancy saying the Gazprom stadium or suchlike every time the new stadium is talked about. I was thinking the Dixie Dean...
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