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  1. gonetomorrow

    Everton Cup

  2. gonetomorrow

    I can't stand it any more

    I cannot stand it any more. All the ghastly awfulness. What is going to happen to us?
  3. gonetomorrow

    Everton Ladies

    Everton Ladies are four nil ahead at half-time at Lewes in the FA Womens Cup.
  4. gonetomorrow

    Calvert-Lewin is playing right now for Under 21s v Scotland

    It's at Middlesborough. Scots will never get out alive playing in pink.
  5. gonetomorrow


    We should get Hernandez from Leverkusen (or is it Lederhosen?). Imagine him playing off Lukaku?
  6. gonetomorrow

    Peter Cavanagh

    Who's this guy? Joined coaching staff.
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