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  1. mites

    Confirmed Signing Yerry Mina

    sign him up pronto. we could do with another huge profit after four years of outstanding performances
  2. mites

    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

    happy we avoided the wilshere well and here's hoping we don't spend on Zaha. We need more pieces than 70mil on him would allow
  3. mites

    Breastfeeding Welcome at Goodison

    this actually is awesome by the way
  4. mites

    Breastfeeding Welcome at Goodison

    liquid football
  5. mites

    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

  6. mites

    Professor Denise Barrett-Baxendale

    This announcement made me proud to support Everton in the corniest way today. Promoting a woman in a field with so many issues of sexism is great and she’s seem to been recognized again and again for outstanding work with EitC. I feel very optimistic and happy with this selection. The real key...
  7. mites

    Sam Allardyce

    Please lord let his quotes be his arrogance boiling over
  8. mites

    Next Everton Manager

  9. mites

    2017/18 Wayne Rooney

    ok just watched all the MNF commentary better than I would've thought, seems to be a bit more self-aware than I thought, also zero analysis done better than martinez during his World Cup coverage. He'd get us to fifth!! Appoint him Fo!!
  10. mites

    2017/18 Wayne Rooney

    I just watched the post game I guess I screwed up which part I should watch
  11. mites

    Allardyce axed after Leicester

    Or endless money somewhere
  12. mites


    as a former teacher it took me awhile to ingrain in myself that ppl respond to positive reinforcements. I realize you'll say they are professionals, but I don't see the harm in praising who performs well and let the reserved support speak for itself. but again I don't really know if booing...
  13. mites


    I think this answers the point about productivity. I doubt it really hurts either, but if you believe that football is a confidence game (I think that's an overhyped cliche), it doesn't quite make sense to boo your own side.
  14. mites

    Sam Allardyce

    I guess I'm just reiterating the theme of the thread. hope he keeps us up, don't want to have to watch his everton side again after may.
  15. mites

    Sam Allardyce

    was thinking about it. at least when we were awful under martinez we were entertaining and tragic. this is just like having depression. low expectations and self-fulfilling prophecies of crapness. I've only been able to watch everton consistently for a little over a decade (I'm American and...
  16. mites

    2017/18 James McCarthy

    this just happened with a strong prospect who chose to play for Mexico. It's a problem for racist idiots, but decent people respect the individuals choice. Also I can't blame him, Mexico's team has been on the up and up and ours is going through a fallow period. Also our entire system is a...
  17. mites

    Homepage Update: Everton Sign Theo Walcott

    simply love buying 20m 30 year old squad players
  18. mites

    Match Thread Spurs v Everton Sat 17:30

    the worst part is our sit deep defending has been awful it's the one thing allardyce is supposed to get out of a squad
  19. mites

    Farhad Moshirì

    I’m not asking for farhad’s head. I’m just disappointed and think he should apologize. There’s no reason to bring it up at all. If it happened it’s a personal thing for Rom’s family, if it didn’t then it’s rude and racist to assume. Also I’m making a side point that voodoo and its antecedents...
  20. mites

    Farhad Moshirì

    I talked about this in an earlier post but basically there’s no reason to mention the details unless you’re mocking rom’s mother’s sincerely held beliefs or you’re trying to exoticize a black person I’m sure other players make decisions based on religion all the time and it goes without...
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