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  1. mightymoyes

    Fan Advisory Board

    congratulations @davek
  2. mightymoyes

    Billy kenny

    Good interview with him in the athletic today for anyone that has a subscription. [Paid Content - Blacklisted]/2275890/2020/12/26/billy-kenny-everton-interview/ Only a quid I think at the minute for anyone that wants one too.
  3. mightymoyes

    Proposed changes to the Premier league

  4. mightymoyes

    TV games

    3 games moved for TV in Aug/sept
  5. mightymoyes

    Kevin Sheedy on the fantasy football show

    tonight at 6pm, sky sports 1. should be worth a watch
  6. mightymoyes

    Goodison the hardest place to referee

    WORLD Cup final referee Howard Webb has labelled Goodison Park as one of the most “partisan” grounds to referee. And the retired official cited the stadium's historic Bullens Road Stand as the “hardest place” for assistants to go. Webb, now 45, refereed close to 1,000 games throughout his career...
  7. mightymoyes

    Four long-running Everton transfer sagas… im sure theres more
  8. mightymoyes

    Anthony Evans

    maybe deserves his own thread now, just signed first pro contract
  9. mightymoyes

    Premier League Ineptitude table we come 3rd, probably about right
  10. mightymoyes

    man city game on sky

    cant see a thread for it same date but 5.30pm k.o
  11. mightymoyes

    hallam hope

    dont think theres a thread on this kid. scored on loan debut for northampton.
  12. mightymoyes

    fixture change

    spuds is now 9th Feb @ 1.30, on Sky
  13. mightymoyes

    Kenwright, Rooney, Fergie (Alex)

    according to his latest book ferguson says kenwright cried when he only offered £25m for rooney and then kenwright phoned his mum to complain!! ffs :lol:
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