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  1. Bluelenny1984

    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Surely someone has had the metre stick out
  2. Bluelenny1984

    2022/23 Amadou Onana

    Love to know what they would say if it was Onana making the tackle on Van Dyke, I swear Klopp would have been calling for heads to roll, the ref would have shown a red card on the pitch cause Lord know who are well to be fouling the great Van Dyke and the media would be calling for the return of...
  3. Bluelenny1984

    2022/23 Nathan Patterson

    Yup, I think he does.
  4. Bluelenny1984

    Relegation 2022/23

    Some people are glass half full people and some are not! The wins will come on today's evidence!
  5. Bluelenny1984

    2022/23 Nathan Patterson

    Your talking [Poor language removed]! I'll take the telling off for the language cause your talking crap! He was excellent, he might have not had a perfect game but he's a young lad in his first real season of football with a new club. This lad will absolutely ram your opinion of him down your throat time and...
  6. Bluelenny1984


    When we have to review a video countless times to check if someone's knee cap is off side is the day passion is sucked from the game.
  7. Bluelenny1984

    2022/23 Frank Lampard

    Couldn't agree more, we competed all over the pitch with real balance! Chalk and cheese from last year!
  8. Bluelenny1984

    2022/23 Nathan Patterson

    Thought he was excellent today
  9. Bluelenny1984

    2022/23 Frank Lampard

    Gray was one of the best players on the pitch
  10. Bluelenny1984

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    History tells us, after Garner may aswell go to bed. Is Garner happening?? May go bed now!
  11. Bluelenny1984

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    Everton really know how to spoil a deadline day, wake up with hope and go to bed at 10pm refusing to pick ya phone back up and then waking the next day and you were prooven right to go to kip!!
  12. Bluelenny1984

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    Don't let them do it to you!!
  13. Bluelenny1984

    Confirmed Signing Neal Maupay

    As disappointing as being a blue is, it must be infinitely more disappointing for you if that's your expectation!
  14. Bluelenny1984

    Confirmed Signing Neal Maupay

    Mighty?? Really?? That's not a word that goes well with Everton and it hasn't for decades!
  15. Bluelenny1984

    Are Everton not in crisis?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one, I thought I was being stooopid
  16. Bluelenny1984

    Are Everton not in crisis?

    Why not just ask if Everton where in crisis?? Question is worded awfully, not even sure I answered the way I wanted to 🤯
  17. Bluelenny1984

    2022/23 Dele Alli

    Never mind you thought he should have started, the worry is the manager, the man who watches him 7 days a week decided that he wasn't the man to start the game. What we think amounts to didley sqaut, the manager deems him after a summer of training not the man to start!! Seriously, and I try to...
  18. Bluelenny1984

    2022/23 Alex Iwobi

    Good today, good touch and passing touch and work rate
  19. Bluelenny1984

    2022/23 Nathan Patterson

    Like the look of him today
  20. Bluelenny1984

    2022/23 Demarai Gray

    Not great today, sorry he makes bad decisions at key times.
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