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  1. Martin Alvito

    Match Thread Southampton vs Everton - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    Should have enough to see these off. More likely that it's by one than by two, given the way we (haven't) been scoring.
  2. Martin Alvito

    2022/23 James Garner

    It's a shrewd bit of business no matter how the next few years go. If it goes poorly, we got inexpensive midfield depth and probably get out where we got in. The odds of it  not going poorly are quite good, so this one is as no-brainer as deals get.
  3. Martin Alvito

    2022/23 Kevin Thelwell

    So he could show us all how magnificient he looked in jeans? I don't have another explanation.
  4. Martin Alvito

    2022/23 Jordan Pickford

    Pickford is arguably the reason Southgate still has a job.
  5. Martin Alvito

    2022/23 Conor Coady

    My son thinks Maguire has  kompromat. He is a teenager, so you probably don't want to know what he thinks it is.
  6. Martin Alvito

    Goals Shots Set Pieces Scorers

    Is that how the rules work?
  7. Martin Alvito

    2022/23 Kevin Thelwell

    This. Look at our window, look at the windows of the other 19 clubs, and tell me that we didn't just win hard.
  8. Martin Alvito

    Goats squad analysis thread 2022/23

    Iwobi, Maupay and Myko have such boring names by comparison to Vinagre, no? Also, Onyango's name is more or less every prejudice one could have about his generation's naming conventions rolled into one name.
  9. Martin Alvito

    2022/23 Allan

    Probably. If you're quick, you can probably start it. It is unlikely to be as busy.
  10. Martin Alvito

    2022/23 Allan

    The amortization counts either way on this year's books. If we sell a player with a longer-term contract, it accelerates those costs. It's why Lukaku is unsellable at the moment.
  11. Martin Alvito

    2022/23 Allan

    Moving him only saves the wages since we incur the amortization either way on this year's books. I, for one, will miss him. I hope the move works out well for him.
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