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  1. Verbal Kint

    Confirmed Signing James Tarkowski

    Going to be solid.... Nothing wrong with solid, considering the blaggards we have had recently
  2. Verbal Kint

    2021/22 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Score a bagful this year Dom like a good lad, and we can sell you for a high fee. That's our reality now for the foreseeable
  3. Verbal Kint

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    Threads gone
  4. Verbal Kint

    Bill Kenwright

    Why only now are fans showing vitriol towards him now. He has been a problem with 20 years. When Kirby happened he should have been gone.
  5. Verbal Kint

    2021/22 Richarlison

    Good luck to the lad, he has ambition to play at the highest level, football is a business and we are bad at it. Don't be mad at him, be mad at the incompetent chairman and board. If the rumoured 60m is true then we are selling too cheap, Richy has a good world cup and his value goes up. But FPL...
  6. Verbal Kint

    2021/22 Anthony Gordon

    Can't be selling the one promising youngster we have, just don't see Spurs needing him, 40m is alot of money but it would an awful kick in the teeth.
  7. Verbal Kint

    Transfer Rumour Harry Winks

    Yeah they have got a bargain with Bissuoma, I do wonder do Brighton know something regarding his upcoming case, seemed a low price, I just hate dealing with Spurs, Levy rarely comes out worse in talks
  8. Verbal Kint

    Transfer Rumour Harry Winks

    Sounds like Dele Ali.... Would we have had a chance to sign either of these 2 years ago?? No Hence that's the problem
  9. Verbal Kint

    Transfer Rumour Harry Winks

    Always thought Harry Winks was limited, likes to keep the ball and is tidy and all the usual tippy tappy stuff..... 20m nah never. I want lads that get up and down the pitch
  10. Verbal Kint

    2021/22 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    It comes with a huge caveat, the lad got a horrific injury, he hadn't a hope in the first 2 years.
  11. Verbal Kint

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    Players like this are worth having, delivery from set pieces are crucial to us, especially with the height we have. Set pieces last year let us down continually.
  12. Verbal Kint

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    Only place Pickford could go to is Spurs to replace Lloris. I played devil's advocate and suggested Bazuna would be a good option if we had been looking to cash in on Pickford. But that option is gone now. He will be back to city as they made sure they had first refusal and 40% sell on clause.
  13. Verbal Kint

    Takeover bid by Peter Kenyon

    Do you think so? Can't see Moshiri releasing more funds
  14. Verbal Kint

    Takeover bid by Peter Kenyon

    Won't be spending a penny until this plays out. Not ideal for recruiting
  15. Verbal Kint

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    That might not be a bad thing. We have some amazing amount of junk to offload. Personally think Richarlison is going to leave. That should give us good spending.
  16. Verbal Kint

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    Lad we spent that on Patterson who as less experience. Right backs are a dime a dozen, keepers like Bazuna are rare. I like Patterson by the way
  17. Verbal Kint

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    The moment I saw that lad play for Rovers at 16 I thought Christ this lad is good. He's just a proper keeper. I said it on here ages ago that if we needed to cash in on a player I'd gladly have him as Pickfords replacement. By the seasons end he will be worth much more than the 15 Soton paid for...
  18. Verbal Kint

    Takeover bid by Peter Kenyon

    Complete failure is a tad harsh, yes horrendous mistakes made, and they all seemed to come one after the other. But think back 6 years when we got Walsh and Koeman and had loads of money to spend on the market them two are the main reason we are in this mess. Men with football knowledge that...
  19. Verbal Kint

    Takeover bid by Peter Kenyon

    I have to wonder, why after spending all this money and finally delivering on a new Stadium Moshiri is considering selling up.... Surely it would make more sense waiting until project is finished and he could command a larger
  20. Verbal Kint

    "Watch Classic Matches Again"

    Think it worked out well for all parties in the end. It's quiet funny but when I think of McMahon and all the success he had at Liverpool, the one thing that I remember him for above all else is him sticking his one finger up and shouting one more minute v Arsenal in 89.
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