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  1. The Sorting Hat

    Gattuso. Next Everton Manager?

    Things seem to have gone a little quiet on the Gattuso front after some initial interest and our enquiries about him last time. He is out of Management at the moment and really gets the whole Everton experience. Him and Dunc would be excellent in the Dugout. The Defence would be drilled...
  2. The Sorting Hat

    The next squad downgrade.

    So, top French International Lucas Digne has been snidely ejected from the club (like Rodríguez) by Benitez in his mission to downgrade all positions and send us into the bottom three in a useless spiral of incompetence. Which of our better players will be the next to be ostracised, face a...
  3. The Sorting Hat

    Half and Half Scarf

    Nothing says putting your footballing differences aside for a special occasion like a half and half scarf. Would you ever wear/buy one? I hate the very idea of them myself, but if you've travelled all the way from Norway for a derby then you want some sort of momento right? Perhaps your dear...
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