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  1. Basil Fawlty

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Permanent move for Sandro? This Brands is better than I thought
  2. Basil Fawlty

    2018/19 Cenk Tosun

    Is Sandro on 120k? Half of Evertonians say he is and the other half insist he's on 65k.
  3. Basil Fawlty

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    A lot of Germans were forced to emigrate to Argentina in the late 40s funnily enough
  4. Basil Fawlty

    2018/19 Yerry Mina

    That De Baff's just money down the drain
  5. Basil Fawlty

    Adolfo Gaich

    Hope he's not turbogaich
  6. Basil Fawlty

    Adolfo Gaich

    Hopefully he's not another Sandro and we haven't just signed him based on one good International tournament.
  7. Basil Fawlty

    Transfer Rumour Santiago Sosa

    I thought if you're meeting a release clause that the money had to be paid up front?
  8. Basil Fawlty

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

  9. Basil Fawlty

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Jasper Cillessen being linked. Same site also says Pickford to be sold.
  10. Basil Fawlty

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    We bought Bolasie for £25m and put a £10m release clause in his contract? That's nuts.
  11. Basil Fawlty

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Coleman's only on about 30k isn't he?
  12. Basil Fawlty

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Looks like our chief scout is off to Southampton. Appointed in 2016, which coincides with our worst recruitment policy in decades, most players must have gone through him as the chief scout. Hopefully gives us a chance to bring in someone Brands trusts.
  13. Basil Fawlty

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Salt 'N Peppa's DJ?
  14. Basil Fawlty

    2018/19 Phil Jagielka

    Didn't he have a one hit wonder with pliers in the 90s?
  15. Basil Fawlty

    January 2019 Transfer Window

    Buying him? I thought his contract expired this summer?
  16. Basil Fawlty

    Players we were convinced would be Great Signings In Past Transfer Threads

    I think we bought Vaughan from Birmingham for about £1.5m when he was 16
  17. Basil Fawlty

    Lennon agrees Burnley move

    Always put's in a shift. Good luck to the lad
  18. Basil Fawlty

    Ralf Rangnik

    Yeah. I remember his name from then mate
  19. Basil Fawlty

    Tomasz Radzinski Non-Appreciation Thread

    rat. was always talking about how he was too good for us and deserved to be at a bigger club.
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