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    Nuno Espirito Santo

    Could not believe this thread started. Balderdash. Probably the writer was bored. Close.
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    New DOF or scrap it?

    Prefer the original set up where the manager runs the football side and stands or falls on the result. He chooses the new players and initiates the departure of the unwanted.
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    #27 minutes for 27 years

    Anyone who thinks that the twerps or incompetents who run this club have not already got the message must be living in a dream world. The said twerps or incompetents are presumably not thick or they wouldn't have made their considerable fortunes elsewhere. The players have definitely got the...
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    #27 minutes for 27 years

    It would be interesting to know how many of those who are keen on this demo are match going fans? I have no intention of leaving my seat.
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    2021/22 Seamus Coleman

    Sad he has deteriorated so much but don't be too sad, because he is a multi millionaire.
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    2021/22 Jordan Pickford

    It's all Pickford's fault.
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    Who's next after Benitez

    I haven't offered a name cos like almost everyone else I don't know the name of the English women team's manager. 20 -0 and 64 nil in their world cup group. Looks good on her CV🤭
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    2021/22 Jordan Pickford

    England's no 1. Excellent distribution and shot stopper. Mom against the RS. If only the others were as good at their job.
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    Leave the ground empty on Monday night

    Full house as normal on Monday as it should be. Probably lose though.
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    Anybody that can watch not watching tonight's Derby ?

    Well I could sit there with a mask and a blindfold but will wear neither.
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    Who's next after Benitez

    The one who won 20 nil tonight with thousands of ecstatic fans waving banners at the end and several players weeping with joy, according to the BBC reporter.
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    Who's next after Benitez

    There are at least 3 women pundits in the men's game I would offer the job to.
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    2021/22 Andre Gomes

    He is taking early retirement so I am led to believe. Similar to one of my sons who decided "he has earned enough so why carry on?"
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    Which Three Teams Will Be relegated in May 2022

    I hope Newcastle, Norwich and Burnley or Watford
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    Who's next after Benitez

    If only in the interests of diversity the England women manageress should be interviewed for Rafael replacement. The BBC pundits would be gobsmacked. Imagine Sounds and Keane trying to laugh it off.
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    Who's next after Benitez

    Now it is 20 nil. We should hire her and her staff.Southgate beware.Can they get 21 goals.
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    Who's next after Benitez

    Surely the manager of England women should be a candidate 😜Last time I looked they were winning 18 nil, in a World Cup tie, and according to the commentary every goal was a beauty.
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    2021/22 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    I apologize for my omitting to say that the boutique being opened by our two fashion dummies in London will definitely have an outlet near Goodison with a 10% discount for EFC fans. This is a gesture of thanks to ordinary supporters for their contribution toward making the two multi...
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    2021/22 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    I have it from a good source that DCL and Davies are setting up a boutique before they issue a shock announcement of their early retirement from the stresses of prof. football.
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    Who's next after Benitez

    None of them can hold a candle to Lampard's missus. The only problem is she would bring her husband with her.
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