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  1. TheNinja

    Calling all Football fans...

    I'm sure you're all aware of the plight of Darlington Football Club. I'm friends with a lot of Darlo fans and told them I'd ask on here if anyone would be willing to donate, even as little as £1, as it will all help the club keep alive in the short term at least. If Carlos Tevez donated 2...
  2. TheNinja

    Moyes to Spend in January?

    The Daily Jarg report Moyes will be given a chunk of the 10m Arteta fee to spend in January, after it was too late to spend this window. How much is a chunk? Hopefully not one from a tin of pineapples eh :o
  3. TheNinja

    Arsenal back for Jagielka? I wish they'd either put up (20m) or shut up. I bet Arsenal will 'come back in' with a bid of 12m which it has been reported we've already refused, and we'll end up accepting right...
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