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  1. trueblue84

    What will end Rafael's reign of terror?

    Everyone knows he won't see out his 3 year contract. He is one of the most ill conceived appointments in our history.
  2. trueblue84

    Mind Games by Neville Southall

    Listening to Big Nev's book on Audible (narrated by the legend himself) and it is an incredible read (or listen). Some of the stuff he says is a great insight into the mental aspect of sport, but also his level of analysis of the smallest details while playing... Probably why he is one of the...
  3. trueblue84

    Are we a better team without fans?

    Great result today despite an under par performance from some players. Paul merson made a comment before the game that the lack of fans would hurt west brom, as with a full ground, they would've set out to frustrate us until our fan's turned on our players. Does the lack of angry Everton...
  4. trueblue84

    A new dawn?

    I've just watched a team in Everton's kit play some great football away from home. Who was it? Do we finally have a new Everton?
  5. trueblue84

    worst PL season as a blue?

    This season; we've been poo Rs won the league Villa, Newcastle and west ham survive Leeds promoted Is it the worst so far for a blue?
  6. trueblue84

    Gareth Bale

    Sign him up!!!!! lollollollollollol
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