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  1. witchdoc187

    Things to say to kopites if they win the * at goodison.

    I have just said I don't care. Nobody does. The league doesn't matter anymore. Nobody will even be there to see it. Pretty sure some of you will have something a bit better I can use please. TIA
  2. witchdoc187

    Free Everton kit 2-3 years

    Anyone have a home for these. Think about 2/3 seasons old. Totally free. Can't find socks. But one blue and one grey Everton shirts and shorts. Excellent condition. The one with the little Dixie sillohuette on the back at the top. I've still got my kits from 35 years ago but not hoarding my...
  3. witchdoc187

    Best prem X1

    OK. In a pub with kopite mate. Comparing best 442 formations. I'm so drunk I am failing to remember any of our players. Premiership era only. Please help
  4. witchdoc187

    Everton Away *Chile

    I went to Santiago about 10 years ago and the following day Everton were coincidentally playing in Santiago. Before the match i was interviewed on Chilean TV asking me why i was at the game. I pretended id flown all the way from the Uk just for the match. Anyway we won 1 nil and i met 3 chilean...
  5. witchdoc187

    Last decent festive results

    I can't recall us doing well over xmas/new year for a while. This may be because I'm usually on another plain or knocked out from festivities. When was the last decent December January the almighty blues enjoyed in your patchy memory?
  6. witchdoc187

    Pat Jennings

    Never knew he signed for us.
  7. witchdoc187

    get this lad to wembley saw this mentioned on another thread. I've emailed the club if others do maybe we can make his dream happen. OK so its not goodison but I reckon he would enjoy Wembley?
  8. witchdoc187

    City abuse Everton kid Maybe the first game I cheer our lovable neighbours
  9. witchdoc187

    Shani Tarashaj
  10. witchdoc187

    George Green

    Interesting article here.... good luck to him.
  11. witchdoc187

    Watching the derby in san cristobel de las casas,chiapas

    Found a sports bar but not sure if they will be showing it. 1130am kick off. Anyone here?
  12. witchdoc187

    the brick when everton equalised in the derby

    bedlam. there are 3 other camera angles on youtube
  13. witchdoc187

    Neville Southall article

    I think he is the greatest player I have seen live. Loved him - so many incredible saves. Check out this article in the guardian. Some good links to some classic saves. Including that Tottenham one people always talk about...
  14. witchdoc187

    Injury updates
  15. witchdoc187


    Everton Everton Everton Everton Everton Everton Everton Everton Everton Everton EVERTON can't wait to sing that again at goodison..absolutely wasted yeeee haaaaaaaa xx
  16. witchdoc187

    Switching matches (if United win)

    can someone confirm if the southampton match and/or united match will be switched again if united go through tonight please? cheers
  17. witchdoc187

    Southampton away(12.45 kick off)

    12.45pm kick off on the Saturday. Another kick in the balls for those travelling to the game.
  18. witchdoc187

    Dixie Dean scoring in subbuteo 1977 i like nostalgic stuff like this. You may not - but thought i would share anyway
  19. witchdoc187

    Tony Kay

    Girl at work just revealed she is going out with his son. Any messages/memories of Tony Kay?
  20. witchdoc187

    Glasgow pubs showing match

    help. anyone know anywhere? Stranded with stv
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