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  1. alwaysblue

    2021/22 James Rodriguez

    James Rodriguez - 2021/22 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @alwaysblue
  2. alwaysblue

    2020/21 Fabian Delph

    Fabian Delph - 2020/21 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @alwaysblue
  3. alwaysblue

    Keith Wyness has a new job

    Thought I would put it in here as it does mention Everton in the article. For our American friends, welcome to a superior game involving a bat and a ball! :lol:
  4. alwaysblue

    Spare ticket for Norwich game

    Got a spare ticket (£34) for the game at the weekend in the Paddock. PM me if you are interested.
  5. alwaysblue

    Howard Webb

    When Webb come onto the premier league refereeing scene he seemed to be a breathe of fresh air. Not falling for prima donna players throwing themselves all over the place or showing the sky 4 (at the time) preferential treatment. Something has changed in the last couple of years....he is...
  6. alwaysblue

    Patrick van Aanholt 3 loan spells in his career already.
  7. alwaysblue

    "Is David Moyes Really As Good As People Make Out?" Another fans article, this time on Moyes. Sorry, just realised this is somewhere else. Can you remove the thread please mods???
  8. alwaysblue

    "most unrealistic and uncommercial approach to a deal I have come across in 30 years" Good article on toffeeweb. Disagree about the chase for Champs Lge football, can't class a chase on the transfer fund Moyes has had. I am not privy to any ITK knowledge or any financial background than what is being spouted...
  9. alwaysblue

    Evertonians for change article Good article.
  10. alwaysblue

    The Peoples Group Leaflet

    Did anyone get one of these last night? Wonder if Bill got one :@
  11. alwaysblue

    Saha played in Van der Sar's testimonial

    And scored, must have played over 50 mins too. Johnny H was on the bench, not sure how long he came on for.
  12. alwaysblue

    Villarreal 2005

    Just been watching the very brief highlights on EvertonTV. Still winds me up! Lost to 2 cracking finishes in the first leg, got totally outplayed for about 70 mins in Spain and one of, if not the worst refereeing decision ever stopped us going to the next level. Not 100% we would have won...
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