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  1. tsubaki

    Diego Costa

    Been released by Atleti welcome to Goodison you magnificent snide
  2. tsubaki

    Sland outgoings, part II

    Tyias Browning and Galloway - season long loans McGeady - permanent deal both to sland according to Sky Sports News edit: link added -
  3. tsubaki

    Joy of Six - Football Purple Patches

    Apologies if this has been posted already, but if not here it is. More here.
  4. tsubaki

    today's "joy of six"

    Apologies if this has already been posted, but in case it hasnt:
  5. tsubaki

    RIP #TeamPereira

    Just been announced on the OS, sad but not unexpected news.
  6. tsubaki

    Joop Munsterman

    Tenacious, effective and shrewd - we should definately sign him up.
  7. tsubaki

    Jonathan Dos Santos (loan)

    Apparently we - along with Spurs and Chelsea - have been trying to get the Barcelona midfielder in on loan until the end of the season, though he would prefer to play in their reserves.
  8. tsubaki

    Jack Rodwell

    Apparently he can't settle in Manchester.
  9. tsubaki

    Finch Farm

    Sign it up, Moyles!
  10. tsubaki

    dermot gallagher on the sending off

    On Sky Sports News now, should anyone not be angry enough.
  11. tsubaki

    increasing the fanbase, or a load of old w**k?

    should kenwrong try and do what getafe have done?
  12. tsubaki

    spurs game back on

    According to Sky Sports News, Moyes has provided a written undertaking that Hibbert will be left at Finch Farm for the duration of Saturday, to be guarded by two PSUs of Merseyside's finest officers who will ensure that he doesnt kick a ball.
  13. tsubaki

    another protest thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1one

    alright, not really. instead here is a really nice interview with Arteta:
  14. tsubaki

    Royston Drenthe

    Obviously Dutch and others might know more about him, but basically he was promising, became a laughing stock at Real Madrid after they paid a fortune for him, but has been really good this year for Hercules on loan though has fallen out with the club because he (and everyone else it seems)...
  15. tsubaki

    Pablo Piatti

    Apologies if he has been on before, but was just watching Sevilla get beat (at home) 1-3 by Almeria, the second and third goals were blinding, and were scored by Pablo Piatti. Having googled him to find out more, I was pleasantly surprised to find out we are apparently in for him...
  16. tsubaki

    Cahill in the Grauniad

    Apologies if this has already been posted:
  17. tsubaki

    BREAKING NEWS: Brentford away in Carling Cup

    Carling Cup 3rd round draw Brentford (away). "Thommo" looked bemused. (y)
  18. tsubaki

    Happy Birthday, Goodison

    118 years old. (y) And on the front page of Wikipedia
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