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  1. Groucho

    Everton themed funny pages

    For light-hearted-ness. Because it’s healthy to laugh and not see constant negativity.
  2. Groucho

    Confirmed Signing Andros Townsend

    Welcome to Everton
  3. Groucho

    New Everton Manager

    Original thread by @sageyefc - I have reset the poll and amended the options. Eddie Howe is the wrong answer btw.
  4. Groucho

    Everton Ladies Stand Purposely Set Alight

    I see the Everton Ladies stadium was set on fire deliberately. If this is a red v blue thing, it’s way too far. It never was, nor ever should be, like this. If it’s a random arsonist then I don’t know. Is this that “Sean promise”?....
  5. Groucho

    What does Ben Godfrey do on his day off?

    Please vote and comment
  6. Groucho

    Who was captain when you went to your first match?

    Simple question, who was captain when you went to your first match? Kevin Ratcliffe for me.
  7. Groucho

    GrandOldTeam TV New GOT Podcast

    Hi folks, new one out from Max
  8. Groucho

    GrandOldTeam TV GOT Podcast #91

    Latest edition from Max with yours truly guesting.
  9. Groucho

    Match Thread Everton v Salford City, Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    First meeting between Everton and another club, which we don’t say too often. Writing this shortly after a solid start to the season, I hope we go all out simply to get a trophy to kickstart something good. As a result I’d go full strength. While we have home advantage does that really mean...
  10. Groucho

    GrandOldTeam TV GOT Podcast #86

    Hi folks. Latest GrandOldTeam podcast, now hosted by Max Carlyle. This week’s guest is yours truly.
  11. Groucho

    2009 FA Cup Final

    A couple of things. Still holds the record for quickest goal. That team and Moyes deserved a trophy.
  12. Groucho

    Neville Southall and other goalkeepers

    Firstly to set my stall out, I went to my first game when we were title holders and have been lucky enough to see Neville Southall at his world class best. The best goalkeeper in the world and in my opinion, the best goalkeeper there has ever been. Now as a result, do you think we judge...
  13. Groucho

    Bring Back Mr Testicles

    He’s just what we need to plough us through to the other side of this crisis Ten times the mascot Dixie the boiled sweet and Changy the Elephant were....
  14. Groucho

    BBC Radio Merseyside - Greatest PL Team Poll

    Dunno if anyone is aware, but BBC Radio Merseyside is currently running a twitter poll to gauge Everton’s greatest PL side. Currently up to CM. So far it’s; Southall Baines Distin Jagielka Coleman Kanchelskis Pienaar Arteta (not confirmed but almost certainly) I voted for Dave Watson as a CB...
  15. Groucho

    People called Everton

    Not a difficult concept. Post details of those who are called Everton in some way. I’ll begin.
  16. Groucho

    Football Trivia Thread

    Hi folks, Thought we could do with some sort of thread to provide light yet interesting relief from the current apocalypse. I propose a football trivia thread, not necessarily confined to Everton but I'm sticking it in here to prevent off topic posts (sensible discretion will be used obviously...
  17. Groucho

    Goodison Sleepout

    Hi folks. Our friends at Falcon Blues are doing this tonight so if anyone wants to chip in that’s cool.
  18. Groucho

    Podcast edition #84

    Hi folks, The podcast is making a return with this weeks the first since starting back up. Enjoy.
  19. Groucho

    Design a mascot

    Remember “Dixie”? Hanker for a return of Mr Testicles? Why not suggest your own match day mascot, who can parade around in an oversized pathetic novelty suit? I’ll start with “Ketwig Kenneth”, which would be a mass of unkempt hair in an Everton shirt.
  20. Groucho

    The School of Science

    We’ve been known as the School of Science for a hell of a long time now, in fact since a Derby County player gave us the moniker when the world was still in black and white. We all want to see attractive football but what does it actually mean? It means different things to different people...
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