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  1. TGW89

    If your life was an Everton game, which would it be?

    Might be more Ale House this, but if you could compare your life to an Everton game, and say every minute was a year of your life, what would you compare it to? Right now I'd compare mine to the game vs Man Utd in 2008 where Nev's tackle on Ronaldo turned the course of the game and probably the...
  2. TGW89

    Biggest wins vs all PL clubs

    EVERYOOOOOOONNNNEE!!! Thanks. As we only have the past to delve into right now, you are cordially invited to find and post footage of our biggest/best wins against every PL club. Kindly explain why it is your favourite and what it meant to you at the time. People can only post once each and...
  3. TGW89

    20 years ago

    This happened Two decades. Too many excuses. This is by no means a cup final for us as gobshyts would attest, but who wouldn't like a night like this again?
  4. TGW89

    Petition: Change "Grand old Team" line

    Instead of "We don't care what the red side say" - how about "We don't care what the world might say". After all, Liverpool are the world now so we're still having a pop, BUT it sounds less like our sole purpose is to exist in their shadow. Minor gripe overall, but I'm just so sick of this club...
  5. TGW89

    Birthday matches

    So it's finally happened. As I type the big 3-0 is just hours away, my palm jewel has been flashing like sodomy all day and I've been rocking out to Led Zep like nobody's business. Before this thread gets drowned, who here has enjoyed/despised a memorable EFC match on their birthday? The mighty...
  6. TGW89

    1999 vs 2019

    It seems as though nothing has changed in 20 years. 5th April 1999: "Maybe Blackburn's deadly run in will just save us" - Steve Bickerton 10th March 2019: "Maybe Cardiff's deadly run in will just save us" - My brain So I'd be interested to know, which squad do you think is worse? Walter Smith...
  7. TGW89

    Coventry (H) - 10 May 1998

    Exactly 20 years on, what are your memories of that horrible, frenetic day?
  8. TGW89

    Guess the Fixtures (2016/17)

    With the fixtures less than a month away, just for a bit of fun we could see how accurate our predictions are for Everton's key fixtures: Season begins on Saturday 13th August. Opening day fixture: Crystal Palace (H) Second fixture: West Ham (A) - First game in Stratford. First derby: 26th...
  9. TGW89

    Martinez In/Out - Post Bournemouth (A) Poll

    I'm gonna get stick but I don't care, that was a disgrace. These were quite popular last year, so...... in, or out? Whaddaya think?
  10. TGW89

    Everton v Spurs - 24th May 2015

    FIRST!!!!!! (ahaaaaa!)
  11. TGW89

    Which Everton games have left you feeling high as a kite?

    In response to the "rock bottom" thread that is popular today. Here is its antithesis. For Premier League games my top five are: #5: Everton 3-1 Spurs, 9th Apr 04 I knew exactly how important the game was, and having been a bag of nerves all day, the performance and the result was like a shot...
  12. TGW89

    Theme music for Everton's players

    Wasn't sure which forum to put this in so opted to punch for safety rather than let in a clanger from Adminick Bolasie... If the Everton players came on individually a la the WWE instead of as a team, what would each squad member have as it's entrance music? Doesn't necessarily have to be...
  13. TGW89

    GOT official Miff-o-Meter

    A new feature I have taken the liberty of making. Just for once, Excel is not involved. This will be updated after each Prem game - do you agree or disagree?
  14. TGW89

    Opening Day opponents

    OK chaps, just for a bit of fun who do you think we'll get on day one? My bet: Everton v Swansea at Goodison Why Swansea lad?: Because all three games last season had a fair bit of action and Everton won the lot, plus the whole Martinez v Monk thing (ex teammates and that)
  15. TGW89

    Best LOSING performance you have seen

    Not sure this has been done before, but what would you say is the best performance you've seen from Everton only for the blues to end up beaten? My top three: 1. Everton 2 - 3 Chelsea / 17.12.2006 2. Everton 3 - 4 Manchester Utd / 07.02.2004 3. Everton 2 - 3 City / 03.05.2014
  16. TGW89

    David Moyes sacked - What if...

    This is an alternate history thread related to "How long did Moyes hold us back" post This thread is to gauge your opinions as to how the recent history of EFC would have panned out if Moyes had been sacked at various junctures in his career with us. The key dates on around which he could have...
  17. TGW89

    Premier League - Best Performances 1992-2014

    This is a sister thread to the various "best performance" ones relating to Sunday's Arsenal game. Which would you say is the best performances in each of the Premier League seasons? My picks are: 92-93 Liverpool (H) W 2-1 / 7.12.92 93-94 Liverpool (H) W 2-0 / 18.9.93 94-95 Man Utd (H) W 1-0 /...
  18. TGW89

    Derbies in the nineties, noughties and now

    As you have probably guessed, I am far too much of a football geek for my own good. Yesterday I took the liberty of looking at our head to head against the dark side and was shocked to learn that if Liverpool win three more Goodison derbies without reply they will better OUR OWN record...
  19. TGW89

    What if....

    Recently I have been reading the book "What If" by R.M.Skillen (a kopite, incidentally) and quite a few of his stories centre on or involve Everton. He has several theories as to what would have happened if.... 1. Flo had signed for Everton - Everton signed Tore andre flo in March 1997...
  20. TGW89

    Midweek games at the start - yay or nay?

    I remember in days gone by (as recently as 2007) the second (or sometimes third) game of the prem season would be midweek. Midweek games at the start of the season have provided many memorable moments, such as our 3-0 demolition of the manc at OT, Big Dunc's comeback goal against Charlton...
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