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  1. monty

    The Everton arrggghhhhhhh thread

    ARRGGGHHHHHHHHH! :rant::rant::rant::rant::rant::rant::rant::red::red::red::red::red::red::red::red:
  2. monty

    Name three for us to sign..............before 23.00 hrs 31/8

    Lets see who gets closest, no discussion just name names My three Bony. Kone and Nashri (poor mans Mata)
  3. monty

    Agents..............which player has which agent

    I've often wondered if our players tend to come from one, or many agencies and how much those agencies recommend or influence our transfer dealings. Who knows what agent each first team player has because these parasites can make or break clubs, they unduly tax each transfer with their...
  4. monty

    Who should we get shut of in January

    The following are just food for thought but each is a matter for consideration. I've listed my thoughts what about you, other players could well be considered and will other clubs come in for them In my book we are carrying some players, those getting good money and not playing because they are...
  5. monty

    Us v Utd semi final march 1983

    Its on ITV 4 now, 4 plus at 10.00, some great names in the match on both sides and it was the beginning of our 80's resurgence, well worth a look or recording(y)
  6. monty

    Our new manager; nickname suggestions?

    Mr Bobby, El Smartinez, God help us all............................any suggestions
  7. monty

    Back room staff, who don't you mind losing?

    As people resign or lose their jobs at United plainly some will be replaced by Everton employees poached by Moyes. Like many Blues I'm not bothered if Steve Round or Chris Woods went as they have no Blue history and appear to have been ineffective in their time here. but what about Sheedy...
  8. monty

    Reidy's daughter as Toffee Girl

    The Reidster daughter was Toffee Girl yesterday, I think we Blues should have a look at his pics, get them posted you slow poster you(y)(y) We also want a full artcile ofr the news page
  9. monty

    Mariner............yesterdays ref

    It is not often that I start threads like this but his performance yesterday helped make it the match it was, no bookings and flowed like ice across a polished floor. Many referees could take a leaf out of his book, his man management skills were fair and firm, no one was in doubt at any...
  10. monty

    Landon Donovan press conference

    This was due to take place today but has been cancelled due to the weather, Donovan could attend but the media couldn't make in because of the snow(n)
  11. monty

    Joey Yobo on his way?

    Possibly a load of pooh but it is in the media anyway Everton: Defender's uncertain future - TBH he will struggle to get back in the side at the moment so there could be an element of truth in this report
  12. monty

    Jo sent back?

    Reports this morning suggest that Jo has gone back to Citeh, pity Hughes isn't still there...................does anyone think that his actions have been deliberately aimed at getting an early return so he can try and impress Mancini? He came, he saw and he [Poor language removed] himself, bye bye jo...
  13. monty

    Sam Galindo

    Has anyone heard of this guy, it seems he is part of the American invasion coming to a club near you shortly Samuel Galindo goes away east weekend to Europe to fulfill its dream to play in the Premier League, in the Everton club. The own soccer player confirmed to SPORT FACETS that its...
  14. monty

    Happy birthday Everton

    Everton’s first game   It is 23rd December 1879, picture the scene, horse drawn trams running round the luxurious green washed area of Merseyside called Stanley Park just outside the perimeter of the City of Liverpool. Urchins from the Scotland Road district venture to the park, shoeless...
  15. monty

    Christmas Everton books

    Anyone expecting EFC books for Christmas? I've just finished reading Everton FC, 'The Men form the Hill Country' by Tony Onslow, it tells the history of the club in Victorian times. If anyone is interested its a cracking good read, nicely presented and only cost £5.95 Another good read is...
  16. monty

    Sky match of the day

    Chelsea v Everton 8.25 pm tonight
  17. monty

    Dixie Dean

    In Waterstones today looking for some presents and noticed a book based on the legend William Ralph covered a period of 27 games in 1923/ was issued as a book for Tranmere Rovers fans and encompassed his entire Tranmere career, all 27...
  18. monty

    Landon Donovan

    Tim Howards best mate is being courted by us it seems, reports from the States say we are making arrangements to take him in the January window...............sounds like a loan deal See SSN
  19. monty

    Everton Ladies

    Well done girls, the beat Arsenal ladies (AKA the Invincibles) 2 - 1 yesterday to reach the Premier league cup final................Gooners had a player sent off for thumping one of our girls.................not very lady like!:o:blink::o
  20. monty

    Where is Mrs the Esk's EFC tattoo

    #16 Today, 10:06 AM the esk Player Valuation: £3.25 million Forum Supporter Join Date: Apr 2007 Posts: 935 Points: 50 Quote: Originally Posted by Sharpys top lip Right who has an Everton tattoo on them..?? Mrs Esk but I'm not saying where :P This is important EFC...
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