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  1. Baines' left foot

    The Common Denominator

    Ever since ‘not good enough for us’ Dour Moyes left we’ve been inconsistent to say the least. We’ve changed owners, had 5 new managers, and changed the squad over and over again. What’s the common denominator?
  2. Baines' left foot

    “The Negativity From The Fans Doesn’t Affect The Players”

    Can we dispel this myth once and for all?
  3. Baines' left foot

    Stop Trying to be Edgy

    One loss and all the closet kopites and football geniuses are out in force saying we’re a shambles and we’ll never get top 4, and anyone who believed we could do it is deluded and below them in the football knowledge stakes. It’s so painfully predictable and it happens every time there’s a blip...
  4. Baines' left foot

    Trevor Steven on talkSPORT

    Interesting little interview this morning on talkSPORT. Steven was being asked what he believes are the secrets behind Everton’s great start. He said that clearly Ancelotti has got a good team which have bought in to his ideas, but perhaps the lack of fans at Goodison has played a part. He...
  5. Baines' left foot

    Ancelotti: The Next Trapattoni?

    Has this dog had it’s day? The jury is well and truly out.
  6. Baines' left foot

    An Open Letter To Our Squad

    Clear out your lockers you gang of utter wasters. You’re an absolute EMBARASSMENT to the club and its great fans. And to you, Carlo. You’re not much better. £11.5m a year for THIS??? What a complete and utter joke. I am speechless.
  7. Baines' left foot

    Lol @ Everton

    I know we’re playing well and all that but that doesn’t change that the club is a joke so let’s talk about the negatives shall we. :drunk:
  8. Baines' left foot


    1 club 1 stadium 1 manager 1 squad 1 fan base #unite #respect #dream #believe It’s time we united as a fan base!!! What’s everyone sayin?
  9. Baines' left foot

    Jimmy The Kit Man

    About time we replaced him with someone younger and with a bit of fire in their belly. There’s no room for sentiments now we’re in a relegation scrap. Stop leaching and do one, Jim.
  10. Baines' left foot

    Funny Everton Memories

    Let’s do away with the doom and gloom lads and lasses. How about we reminisce about the times Everton has made us laugh. I’ll start: Anyone remember when Richard Wright ignored a sign warning people not to practice in the goalmouth and sprained his ankle causing him to miss the game and...
  11. Baines' left foot

    Was Souness Right About Kean All Along??????

    Well??????? Discuss.....
  12. Baines' left foot

    Francis Jeffers Left Wife ‘Fearing For Her Life’

    From BBC today. Why do we employ thugs like him and Ferguson? Everton's Francis Jeffers left wife 'fearing for her life'
  13. Baines' left foot

    I Thought Our Motto Was NSNO.............????

    But this certainly isn’t the best, is it???????????? Get him out!!!!!
  14. Baines' left foot

    Something Needs To Be Done...... Not Good Enough!!!!!

    Who agrees?????
  15. Baines' left foot

    Managing Expectations and ‘That Lot’

    I saw this interesting bit in Garth Crook’s team of the week on the BBC website. What do blues think on this? Bernard: This was a performance reminiscent of Everton legend the late, great Alan Ball. Bernard was full of energy and ingenuity. All 5ft...
  16. Baines' left foot

    Summer Transfer Window Thread 2020

    Opening this as we know the January transfer window will be a disaster, especially knowing this club!
  17. Baines' left foot

    Steven Pienaar - Scum!!!

    Let’s continue the hate for ex players!! Still haven’t forgiven him for going to Spurs!!!!! :rant:
  18. Baines' left foot

    The New Kit

    Well????? Our Hayden is crying his little pissing eyes out here!!! Not happy :mad:
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