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  1. Bluebonic

    Enjoy yourself

    Folks, been seeing loads of negativity on FB and on here. Defending bad, shouldn’t be sitting back, this fellers not good enough, that fellers not good enough. All of which may be true, but if we can’t enjoy our current spell of form, the fact that some players long written off appear to be...
  2. Bluebonic

    Dai Davies RIP

    Sad news about the big man losing his battle with cancer, our thought go out to his family and friends
  3. Bluebonic

    Best insults aimed at a player

    As I am bored listening to GoT members either slag off our existing players or slag off players who we may or may not buy for the future, I thought I would ask what are the better insults you have heard aimed at a player (Evertonian or otherwise). there that made me laugh were... Ross Barkley...
  4. Bluebonic

    RIP Rev Harry Ross

    Just seen an article stating that Father Ross has died, but can’t find it again?
  5. Bluebonic

    RIP Fred pickering

    God how we could do with the likes of him now! :(
  6. Bluebonic

    Happy 60th birthday Big Nev!

    The last genuinely world class player to have graced Goodison Park!
  7. Bluebonic

    RIP Ray Wilson

    one of the few truly world class players i have seen in blue, god bless you Ray
  8. Bluebonic


    This is the last time we will see an Everton team managed by Mr Allardyce. This season has brought me so low that I genuinely wont give a toss who our next manager is, we absolutely cannot have worse than we have at the moment. Whoever is may be, please entertain us for gods sake, i have...
  9. Bluebonic

    40 since 30 evening

    i havent noticed anything in here about it, but just to say it was a cracker night! Big Bob, looking fit and sounding as humble as he always has, supported by Jim Pearson, Dave Thomas, Mark Higgins, Mick Pejic, Derek Mountfield, and as a suprise, Mick Lyons, who was over from his home in...
  10. Bluebonic

    What are you most looking forward to from this squad this season?

    apart from the obvious ones like silverware or top 4, wgat are you most looking forward to seeing from this new squad? I may be entirely mistaken (history generally proves i am mistaken mostly) but i have a feeling in me groins that this squad will display some bottle in the derby matches...
  11. Bluebonic

    What all the major grounds looked like 25 years ago Brilliant this if you are old enough to remember them! :) It will also shock you if you arent! :)
  12. Bluebonic

    U23 last game of the season

    Apologies if there is a thread on this already, but please do everything you can to get to Goodison tomorrow and cheer these lads on as they play the rs who will be giving them a guard of honour as they parade their premier league 2 trophy. Possibly a genuine golden generation to be viewed here...
  13. Bluebonic

    Tonight's the night

    Where we burst the rs' delusions about being champion contenders; where we finally see the fight inside Romeu Lukaku as he humiliates his Belgian compatriot; where Deulofeu and Mirallas prove to the watching world that Milner is not a good stand-in full back; and where Gana Gueye demolishes the...
  14. Bluebonic

    Tommy Lawton

    I felt really sad reading an article recently about how he ended his life in debt and how a number of letters from the great man to Richard Attenborough (asking for financial help) were recently auctioned. I used to know and old guy (who saw him as well as Dixie Dean and he always maintained...
  15. Bluebonic

    Which three....

    There will be three signings before deadline (I have decided, based on nothing more than a vague feeling in my bowels, which may be prophecy, or just my IBS) so which three will it be? I am going for Gabbiadini, Grosikki and Kone!
  16. Bluebonic

    Three wishes

    if you could have three wishes for this coming season, (excluding the obvious choice of a trophy), what would you ask for? I would want 1) a double over the RS 2) a rejuvenated Barkley ripping up defences 3) not hearing a single visiting crowd singing "this is a library" at Goodison That may...
  17. Bluebonic

    I can't cope with all this!

    There, i've said it!
  18. Bluebonic

    Excited, scared or both?

    I am probably as excited as i have been as an Evertonian since the day we signed Kanchelskis (yet to be topped in my opinion), and although the ingrained pessimism all us Evertonians have beaten into us by our club surfaces from time to time, i am not at all scared of what might happen! All the...
  19. Bluebonic

    The Derby

    i have never enjoyed Derby matches, even in the 80's when we could match them trophy for trophy, even then, i always thought they would stick another pin in their wax voodoo doll and fluke a pen, or get one of ours sent off! But rarely have I dreaded on as much as i do now! Herr Flick has them...
  20. Bluebonic

    If Martinez went.....

    Who would you like to see replace him? Realistic choices only! I like Eddie Howe, but feel he might have the same stubbornness that Roberto is demonstrating. i am not that clued up on foreign managers, so of those who we could possibly attract in the prem, i would like Mark Hughes. not, i...
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