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    Top 4 ?

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    Match Thread LFC 0-2 Everton 20 Feb 21 - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    They have no centre half,so we leave out our centre forward...
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    Been following them for 40 years,home and away. Today broke my heart..We have shot 2nd half?Beat by. their U21,'s.How do tell the kids to keep the faith after that disgrace.
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    Worst performance in our history.

    Kids!! Playing kids
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    2018/19 Jordan Pickford

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    Irish international cap from 1908 that belong to Everton goalie William Scott, brother of Liverpool goalie Elisha.
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    Warm weather training.

    Can't help but think the recent "holiday" the team enjoyed, had an effect on today's performance.They seemed to have lost a bit of drive an intensity,which is natural after spending a few days in the sun playing golf and head tennis.Given the facilities we have at finch farm I really don't see...
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    We will lose today.
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    Howard Kendall

    Great post.
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    Aiden McGeady

    About as Irish as John Aldridge.
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    Baines to Man Utd

    Will the love affair with the ex end if he signs Baines.Hopefully people are starting to see the truth.Moyes is not Everton and never was.Not only did he treat us with a lack of respect by not waiting a couple of weeks.He is now back to sign our best.
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    just seen this.Matches upl with dates and cities i was told.
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    San Francisco/Los Angeles/Miami.Last week July/1st week August.
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    East coast and west coast of Usa.Going be an expensive trip.
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    Hope you are watching Mr Moyes

    Will be nice to gave a coach who knows how to win things.
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    Should Moyes be in charge for the last two games?

    How old are you mate?
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    Should Moyes be in charge for the last two games?

    How old are you mate?
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