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  1. Big Neville Southall

    Return of fans to stadiums to be controlled by Ballot

    I was listening to an online chat from a club secretary of a non league club about the return of fans and it said that while it's massive for the lower leagues who can get their normal numbers back, Premier league clubs will actually be taking a loss on match day revenue from just having 2000...
  2. Big Neville Southall

    New Stadium Discussion

    The appearance of a stand is imposing if it is steep, but in terms of actual atmosphere, no. It encourages sitting, fans are higher up from the pitch therefore further away. A fan is say 12 to inches higher up from the fan in front, Gwladys Street, 2 rows in front multiply it by 2. The Gwladys...
  3. Big Neville Southall

    New Stadium Discussion

    Steepness of other stands do you mean? Depends on size really, they have to be steep if they're large stands. The larger the stand the less choice you have on gradients. A smaller stand that is steep is Tranmere's. It's got the same number of rows as the Park End so around 40 rows but well...
  4. Big Neville Southall

    New Stadium Discussion

    34 degrees, but a stand is a parabola, meaning that they go steeper every 20 rows or so. They're not one gradient front to back unless they're a small stand, so the South Stand will have about 3 gradients, eg (completely guessed amounts here) 20 degrees, then 27 then 34
  5. Big Neville Southall

    New Stadium Discussion

    The safe standing needs to be at the back of the South Stand not the front. Too far from the roof at the front so the noise will not amplify to the rest of the stand as well as it would if at the back.
  6. Big Neville Southall

    The blue correspondent([email protected] !!!)

    Yes great work that from Billy Smith, he done a few books, a good few years ago now chronicling our first few seasons in the football league. He also uncovered how back in the 19th Century our fans would clap the opposition goalkeeper a tradition thats continued through to today
  7. Big Neville Southall

    Things we learned

    9 goals conceded in 4 games says it all. A better defence and we would have scraped through this period until Richarlison was back.
  8. Big Neville Southall

    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Hopefully they'll leave it up. 1995 was great there was a spirit about the place similar to now. Also, this season has been a great start, but we want the club to know that a great start means nothing if we don't go on to win anything this year, can they live up to the 1995 team?
  9. Big Neville Southall

    Proposed changes to the Premier league

    So they can vote no to new owner taking over a different club?
  10. Big Neville Southall

    Proposed changes to the Premier league

    Scrapping the League Cup, not into that
  11. Big Neville Southall

    Goodison Matchday Routine

    The last time we all went the match we were rubbish so yes ale would definitely have been more important. You often get that 2.40 dilemma. Shall I get another pint or go in the ground early.
  12. Big Neville Southall

    John Barnes

    It was a society problem, certain regions there was less mixing between races. Everton and Liverpool fans were the same as it was just as prevalent in everyday life. There's no moral high ground to be had over each other.
  13. Big Neville Southall

    2020/21 Moise Kean

    I liked his skip on the penalty run up
  14. Big Neville Southall

    Return of fans to stadiums to be controlled by Ballot

    Maybe have the bar in the concourse open during the whole game, to avoid a big rush at half time.
  15. Big Neville Southall

    Europa Conference League

    As crap as it is, I want us to win it.
  16. Big Neville Southall

    Europa Conference League

    Annoying isn't it. If say the RS get knocked of the CL, then it's still on your mind that they may go on to win the Europa, now it'll be on your mind that they may go on to win the Conference League. UEFA would love them to win it
  17. Big Neville Southall

    Europa Conference League

    One thing I read is that the knocked out teams of the CL who go in the Europa League, will then when knocked out of the Europa League, enter the Conference League. So you'll still get all the big clubs winning it.
  18. Big Neville Southall

    New everton song

    I think if we sing the last line quick enough we could fit in in Dominic Calvert Lewin's name in as well
  19. Big Neville Southall

    Using numbers instead of positions

    I was always a good old fashioned no 12.
  20. Big Neville Southall

    Everton Liverpool Ratio

    So we have go at fans wearing Everton kits, so loads of grown up adults refuse to wear them. We then wonder why there's a lack of Everton presence in our city. We wonder why kids will think they'll be more alone in supporting Everton and so follow the simpletons. We then wonder why our kit deals...
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