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  1. NeoNaoNeo

    On the strength of tonights performance

    Leon Osman is the new Makelele. Some tough tackles from the lad who is usually more akin to wet tissue paper in the centre of the park.
  2. NeoNaoNeo

    10 points off 4th, game in hand

    IT'S ON
  3. NeoNaoNeo

    How did we manage to beat a team...

    with such a massive stadium? I thought the fact we have a smaller a stadium was going to be the difference today. There's been a lot said on the City side in the build up about how their stadium is bigger than ours, and in a few of my darkest moments I began to believe them. Thankfully...
  4. NeoNaoNeo

    Aussie's Lucas Neill chant

    From BBC: "I believe in a man of steel, His name is Lucas Neill, If you think you can score a goal, He'll put you in hospital, I believe in a man of steeeeeeeeeeel, Super Lucas Neill!" Heard at the recent game between Australia and South Korea to the tune of I Believe In A Thing Called...
  5. NeoNaoNeo

    That St Domingos song

    Considering they played it at the ground today, I assume that's now our de-facto FA Cup song?
  6. NeoNaoNeo

    No bad result next week

    Not in my eyes at least. If Villa manage to win, then the Geordies are down. Hazaar. If they do anything else, we finish 5th. Hazaar. Can't wait, should be a nice comfy Sunday* afternoon.
  7. NeoNaoNeo

    Optimistic Hypothetical boys

    Imagine for a moment that UEFA decides to take the harshest punishment possible against Chelsea for their behaviour in the Semi. If you're so inclined, imagine that there's an even bigger chance because Platini will take any chance to harm the English sides. UEFA decides to kick Chelsea...
  8. NeoNaoNeo

    More confident against big four?

    Anyone else think our squad is starting to get over that mental barrier we've always seemed to have recently against the big sides? It always seemed that we were scared of United/Chelsea/Gooners/Pool, but this season and especially in the last few months the squad is starting to realise that...
  9. NeoNaoNeo

    If the FLN gets banned for 3 games..

    Does that mean he misses the Semi Final? Would ******* love it if it did.
  10. NeoNaoNeo

    Everton vs Boro Photos

    Took the camera with us at the weekend and snapped a few photos, thought I might as well share. Not too many action shots, mostly buildup and the crowd. With a few shots from corners at the Gwladys aswell. Might as well use this thread to post any photos from the match aswell. I know there's...
  11. NeoNaoNeo

    A little fact

    (correct me if I'm wrong though) First team from Merseyside to grace the old Wembley - Everton First team from Merseyside to grace the new Wembley - Well I wonder who that is going to be :D
  12. NeoNaoNeo

    Crowd was MOTM today

    Thought I'd give us all a pat on the back, thought we did everything right. Gave them a rollicking at half time like they deserved, gave them a lift as soon as they came back out and got behind them. After the goal we were absolutely vicious, and we made them score that second. Then, we...
  13. NeoNaoNeo

    Quick question about Auto-Cup

    Goes straight onto your season card right? No tickets coming in the mail? Just walk up on the night and swipe?
  14. NeoNaoNeo

    They're throwing themselves off of their balconies

    Liverpool fans aren't taking the draw very well. Liverpool - Everton - Post Match Depression (1-1) Oh dear.
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