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  1. NathDogg

    2020/21 Moise Kean

    Spot on mate - I hope he has a great season and comes back firing for us next year as I defo think there's a player there with the lad - his second goal tonight was a cracker. I am really struggling to understand how we've let him go on loan without bringing someone in - makes no sense to me at...
  2. NathDogg

    2020/21 Tom Davies

    Disagree - I think your maths is out on Delph by at least a factor of 10, and that's before I get onto his injury record for us. Also, take a look at the siggy thread - people are still making excuses for the crab, and spout the "wrong position/he's a number 10/wrong system" rubbish in relation...
  3. NathDogg

    That Green Kit...

    My two kids love it, and I think it looks smart and different - I've always quite liked the quirky third kits. Happily destroy them all if we carry on playing like that in it though (sorry kids!).
  4. NathDogg

    2020/21 Tom Davies

    All day mate, and iceberg was skipper to boot - set a shockingly bad example and the rest of the team followed it. Id have Tom ahead of Sig and Delph if gomes isn't fit, 100% of the time, but you know tom would get all the brickbats and abuse on here, that Sig seems to get away with - proper...
  5. NathDogg

    2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

    Always going to be difficult with Richy and sheamo out, and James not fully recovered. Not sure I would have dropped gomes, unless he wasn't fully fit, but that's Carlos job and I understand why he picked the team that he did. I Can't have a go at Godfrey, he tried his best but was shown lacking...
  6. NathDogg

    Your starting eleven against Newcastle

    No siggy or iwobbly please papa Carlo, for the rest of the season if possible! Gomes and flash with Nkounkou at lb. Delph/Tommy D if Andre is crocked. If James is out then maybe Bernie?! I still don't get why we let moise go to psg - were so limited in attack now. No more injuries of...
  7. NathDogg

    2020/21 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Let us down far too many times, and again today. I'd sooner have kids or Tommy D off the bench going forward, than this joke of a footballer. Big whoop he had a shot and hit the bar - that's all he did the entire time he was on the pitch. Carlo entrusted him with the captaincy of the team...
  8. NathDogg

    Match Thread Southampton v Everton (Sunday 25 October 14:00)

    Completely agree - a couple of injuries/suspensions and today is what is likely to happen, if those picked don't work, run hard and look after the ball better. Still think Carlo has had a bit of a mare today - just hope he sees through the shiesters like siggy and iwobbly now, I'd sooner play...
  9. NathDogg

    Match Thread Southampton v Everton (Sunday 25 October 14:00)

    The bedwetters and moaners need to pipe down - funny they have been silent all season. It was never gonna be easy today, with sheamo and Richy massive misses, but we just needed to work hard and look after the ball to do damage today and we couldn't be bothered (James wasn't fully fit imo)...
  10. NathDogg

    Match Thread Southampton v Everton (Sunday 25 October 14:00)

    How is Siggy the skipper whenever he plays?! He offers nothing at all. Baffles me when digne, Keane, James are there! Shows how exposed the squad is with a few injuries/suspensions. Cmon blues, big second half required!
  11. NathDogg

    2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

    Carlo just put that whining, gurning gibbon Klopp in his place with his press conference - calmness personified, dignified, wished VVD well and direct and spot on with his responses, with no bitching, cryarseing or scandalous accusations, and called the kopites and media reaction exactly what it...
  12. NathDogg

    2020/21 James Rodriguez

    Just how good is this fella? He played the entire derby after picking up a knock from a despicable challenge from the sainted VVD, that's now kept him out of a match a wholeweek later, and he put in a shift and performance against the vermin like he did?!? Wow! Imagine what we are going to get...
  13. NathDogg

    Team Scruff cards

    Brilliant stuff - Defo need these scruff cards printing. lol lol lol lol
  14. NathDogg

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford This is just too much, I don't know how they are allowed to keep spouting such bollox - Klopp feeding the virtue signallers to continue their crusade of retribution against us and Pickford - he's gonna need 24/7 security at this rate. Absolutely...
  15. NathDogg

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Spot on, I still think we need a new keeper, as Jordan is going to cost us points with his nutty behaviour, and very nearly did in the derby, unless he sorts out these stupid brainfarts. What I'm not having is the rs and media's disgraceful hypocritical over reaction to basically a 50-50...
  16. NathDogg

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Apologies - no offence intented - will refrain in future.
  17. NathDogg

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Talkshite absolutely crucifying Pickford now, and giving van lesbian a sainthood! Get Tae fook!
  18. NathDogg

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    I stand with Pickford.
  19. NathDogg

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford How is this breaking news?! It shouldn't even be up for debate? Retrospective action for what? Being a bit of a tit and slightly reckless?? If he doesn't come for that ball I would be apoplectic - granted he could have controlled his action maybe...
  20. NathDogg

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Very sadly, I think you're right, judging from some of the digusting histrionics I've seen coming out on social media from our loveable, wall bothering neighbours. I've even seen some comments that wished both Pickford & Richy were dying from AIDS - they really have no depths to sink to, as a...
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