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    EFC vids when you're in the crowd

    Haha!! Will the GOT server be strong enough!!!
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    2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

    Blimey, Carlo doesn’t miss much does he?
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    Our New ColombianToffees

    Being a Blue has its downsides but it also makes you feel like this.... And this... There are many others of course but disfruta!!!!
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    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll Found this for you.
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    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Without going too far back in time there was a blatant foul by VVD on DCL in the Anfield league derby in December. No one even looked at it if I remember correctly. Would have been red card and penalty to us.
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    2020/21 Allan

    He got much better in second half and carried us when other lads we needed to play well we’re not really doing it. Got a good bit of warrior spirit about him, hanging in there when it was tough.
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    2020/21 Andre Gomes

    Some players, however skilful in lots of elements of the game, just don’t produce their best in the heat of battle of games like this. Every thing crossed he can step up ASAP in the second half. Our midfield has been poor overall though too.
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    One Ex-Everton Player from the Past

    Biggest upgrade on what we have is Big Nev Biggest thorn in their side is Alan Ball The greatest of them all would be Dixie!! Imagine him on the end of James passes!!!!
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    Our New ColombianToffees

    This thread has taken a brilliant turn!! Gracias a todos!!!!
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    2020/21 Lucas Digne

    Putain merde!!!
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    Old Everton Pictures

    Hi @Joey66 That is Terry Curran, mate. Thanks for all your work in this thread! So many memories!!
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    2020/21 James Rodriguez

    Disculpeme James, el gol de Cahill era mejor!!!
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    Old / New Memories

    First game April 1965 Aston Villa reserves at home in old Goodison Road Stand. First game I have a proper memory of was January 1966 home versus Sunderland in FA Cup 3rd round 3-0 win on the way to Wembley win that summer! Was not at Wembley that May but the reception for the team on the Sunday...
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    Old Everton Pictures

    Deffo Bonnetti!!! Playing behind Mickey Droy turned him grey!!!
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    2020/21 Lucas Digne

    Loved hearing him mention Everton!!
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    A good player and a good honest pro who gave of his best but had the impossible job of replacing the irreplaceable.
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    2020/21 Muhamed Besic

    Sad it never worked out. Thanks for the first leg League Cup SF against Citeh. You were boss that night.
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    2020/21 James Rodriguez

    This is the shirt my 6 a-side team wears on Tuesdays!!! It was written in the stars. For the record I have the touch of Rodriguez and the pace of Valderrama.... as he is now, not back then!!
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    2020/21 James Rodriguez

    Châteauneuf du Pape Rodney!!!
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    Match Thread Fleetwood Town v Everton, Wednesday 23rd September, 7.45pm

    Haha!! Brilliant with a dodgy keeper!!!
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