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  1. klingklang

    Old Everton Pictures

    It's David Armstrong in his Middlesbrough days, think he played for Southampton in the 84 semi final against us.
  2. klingklang

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Absolute liability, get rid and soon.
  3. klingklang

    Spirit of the Blues

    This is brilliant, it may go pear shaped and probably will but embrace the moment. I'm on a Greek Island with the Mrs who's a red and every other whats app I get is a version of this ! She's going nuts said if it was YMCA you'd leave me. My reply " yeah I would "
  4. klingklang


    Had an outstanding game at Anfield in a 0-0 draw. Also a snowball fight he had with the Wolves fans at Molyneux!
  5. klingklang

    Old Everton Pictures

    I think it was away to Chelsea, not sure why we wore them but I'm sure it was the one and only time we did.
  6. klingklang

    Pubs round Goodison/county road

    Apparently they're going to build houses on the site of the Elm. There's a pub further down Westminster road called the Phoenix that's re-opened after a very long time.
  7. klingklang

    Old Everton Pictures

    I think its Oldham, looks like Boundary park.
  8. klingklang

    Old Everton Pictures

    It was a league game in 1975, won 2-0. Lyons and the Latch
  9. klingklang

    Old Everton Pictures

    Looks like a pre season friendly to me, empty Bullens Road upper and lower.
  10. klingklang

    fixtures 20/21

    Away boxing day too !!
  11. klingklang

    News of Ex Players

    Just been reading on the BBC sport website about Norman Whiteside auctioning off all his memorabilia to supplement his pension. His 85 cup final shirt against us went for over 20k a lot more than the estimated value.
  12. klingklang

    Everton Head Office

    Funny how they call out their own fans from outside the city when something goes wrong but when you give them a bit of stick about the said same fans at their games it's all ' We're a global club lad ' they can't have it both ways.
  13. klingklang

    Your Memories Of Your Favourite Football Hardman `Bernie The Bolt Wright`

    One abiding memory of your Dad was a game at Anfield. He came on as sub, we were losing 4-0 and he just whacked Tommy Smith, Smith just gave a who the hell is this fella look ! Only bright spot on an otherwise typical derby defeat.
  14. klingklang

    Everton Duplicates

    Dave/Tommy Johnson
  15. klingklang

    Everton Duplicates

    I was trying to forget about him !! :)
  16. klingklang

    Everton Duplicates

    Joe/Alan Harper
  17. klingklang

    Everton Duplicates

    Ray / Ian Wilson Tommy/Billy Wright Mick/Duncan Ferguson
  18. klingklang

    Old Everton Pictures

    My guess would be Ipswich Town at Portman rd. I think we always wore blue at Utd and Forest.
  19. klingklang

    Old Everton Pictures

    Yeah he did, I remember an Fa cup 3rd round replay against Palace at Goodison. He scored after about 20 seconds, cracking game which we won 3-2
  20. klingklang

    Old Everton Pictures

    Ronnie Goodlass 2nd left and I think Peter Scott front right.
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