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    Everton volleys

    After watching Kasami's wonder strike tonight, it got me thinking that we never score spectacular volleyed goals. A quick trawl through Youtube shows that we have plenty of good ones scored past us (RVP, Shearer, Matty Taylor to name a few) but I can't recall us scoring any. I have a vague...
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    Anyone else disappointed with the quality of the gear Nike are churning out? I bought the rain jacket ( from Everton online and it arrived today. The jacket itself is decent quality but the printing of...
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    One year contract extension signed today apparently. Delighted for him and us. Blanking out the back pass, I thought he was one of our best players last year and deserved at least another year.
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    Howard Webb to ref semi final

    From Kipper: "It has been confirmed that Howard Webb is to referee the FA Cup Semi-Final on 14th April when we take on the red****e at Wembley. Everton are happy. However the ****e are not. The ****e had requested Mark ****tenburg or Martin ****kinson but the FA said enough was enough...
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