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  1. StreetEndBlue

    Derby day injustice

    That was in the Clattenberg derby.
  2. StreetEndBlue

    Derby day injustice

    Before my time mate. Only gone off my own era.
  3. StreetEndBlue

    Derby day injustice

    It was Martin Atkinson who sent Rodwell off. I'd forgot that one.
  4. StreetEndBlue

    Derby day injustice

    It's been most amusing to see and hear the fume coming from over there over us probably getting the rub of the green over decisions yesterday. Toys thrown out the pram in all directions. Their incessant squealing has been music to my ears...I hope they keep it coming! They've had a rare taste...
  5. StreetEndBlue


    Did we get lucky today? I wouldn't argue against it but we've had decades of dodgy refereeing decisions go against us in derbys so it's time the cry arseing, slimy RS lot got a taste of their own medicine. I'm loving their anger and outrage right now. F them.
  6. StreetEndBlue

    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    I thought it was an incorrect call by VAR but we've maybe got 1% of the dodgy calls against us over the years back.
  7. StreetEndBlue

    Trevor Steven on talkSPORT

    Having been going to Goodison since 1984 I'd say Steven is bang on. It really can be a nasty place and the heckling towards our own can be fierce. Sometimes I cringe at the things that are getting shouted at our players when things aren't going well.
  8. StreetEndBlue

    2020/21 Tom Davies

    Dare I say it I'd have played Delph ahead of Davies. Think he earned it for his performance in midweek. But who am I to question Don Carlo?
  9. StreetEndBlue


    Whilst I'd much rather have got Stoke,Brentford or the Geordies, I'm not totally unhappy with the draw. At least we're at home. United have some quality players but a pretty average manager. The Mancs have long since lost that fear factor they had under Ferguson and we certainly shouldn't fear...
  10. StreetEndBlue

    Francis Jeffers

    Made his debut in 1997 and played his last pro game in back 2013...a grand total of 40 league goals in his entire career. Not really sure what he could offer as coach. Never forgot his manic celebrations after scoring against in 2002 either. Time to direct him towards the exit door after this.
  11. StreetEndBlue

    Where and when did it all start going awry for us?

    We've had plenty of bad luck in my time as a fan but we've also not helped ourselves with bad managerial appointments, a lot of bad signings, selling quality players, clowns in the boardroom a complete lack of ambition throughout the club, and that includes some fans. I also didn't and never...
  12. StreetEndBlue

    Season ticket renewal

    I renewed back in May. Would renew even if we got relegated. I'm an Everton junkie and need my fix.
  13. StreetEndBlue

    worst PL season as a blue?

    Actually it was Kevin Campbell that scored our consolation in that infamous 5-1 defeat at a garbage City side in 2004, not Carsley. It was Campbell's last goal for the club.
  14. StreetEndBlue

    2019/20 Jordan Pickford

    He was recently linked with Chelsea. Wonder if we could swap him for Kepa? And I'm not a huge fan of him but Kepa would be an improvement.
  15. StreetEndBlue

    2019/20 Leighton Baines.

    I'm sure Leighton Baines will get the send off he deserves when fans are finally let back into Goodison. The lad has been absolute top quality for our club over the last 13 years and his contribution will never be forgotten. Just a shame he didn't win a trophy with us, he richly deserved one...
  16. StreetEndBlue

    worst PL season as a blue?

    Absolutely no way is this the worst Premier League season as Blue. Couldn't really care less what's happening at other clubs. The 97/98 season was by far a worse season as that utter garbage Everton side only survived 'kin relegation on goal difference on the final day of the season. This is a...
  17. StreetEndBlue

    2019/20 Michael Keane

    Our best player since the restart for me. Credit where it's due. He's been pretty much faultless. Hopefully he keeps up this excellent form into next season.
  18. StreetEndBlue

    3 of the Best Everton home and away games you went too ...... !

    Home. Could go for three different ones entirely but... 1) Everton 1-0 Man Utd April 2005. Pivotal game game in our battle with Liverpool for 4th. Still the best atmosphere I've ever experienced at Goodison. Real tasty United side we turned over with the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo, Van...
  19. StreetEndBlue

    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Might get panned for saying this but he cost us £9m more than the RS paid for Salah and £11m more than they paid for Mane.
  20. StreetEndBlue

    "Watch Classic Matches Again"

    Yes mate despite our domination of them then, they still won the biggest game between the clubs in that era. Then from 93 onwards they dominated us for the rest of the 90s yet we won the 95 cup final against them. Reverse happened!
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