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  1. BillLovesRoo

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    With January looking to be a damp squib with no real value in buying anyone, i thought i would open the summer transfer window thread. Would it be worth looking at someone like Mason Mount? Even if it was on loan?
  2. BillLovesRoo

    Would Relegation Be that Bad?

    Now i'm setting myself up for a massive fall right now and a barage of abuse but.............................................would it be that bad? Lets look at the state the club are in right now, we have an over inflated squad, with alot of over paid, over inflated ego's who are basicly just...
  3. BillLovesRoo

    Name The Everton Player Via Pictures

    First Name Surname Name the player with pictures of clues everton players past or preasant
  4. BillLovesRoo

    Our So Called Experienced Players

    I think you would struggle to find a side in the premier league who has more young kids playing first team football at the moment, which i see as a great positive at the moment and im sure alot of these kids will go on to be great players for everton in the future, but what our the expereienced...
  5. BillLovesRoo

    After How Many Appearences To We Slag Our Home Grown Players Off

    A quick check on wiki and i see Tom Davies has reached 36 appearences for the club, is that the amount you can then start to hurl abuse at them? I saw so much garbage written and said about Davies on Sunday after a poor opening 20 minutes, he picked himself up, never hid and ended the game one...
  6. BillLovesRoo

    Our squad is way to big

    For a while now i have thought our squad is way to big for us to actually function properly as a team. You ask any manager and they would much prefer to work with a core of 18-20 outfield players on a training day. Then you get to match day and you have no injury concerns, even with 18-20...
  7. BillLovesRoo

    Would A European Super LEague Be Good For Someone Like Everton

    A European Super League is often scoffed at and people usually look at that happening as possibly the end of football. Europes elite clubs, joining a league together, invitation only down to stature or how much money you have. The question is "would it really be that bad a thing for us?" Lets...
  8. BillLovesRoo

    Is Our Turgid Football Due To The Sides We Face Early On

    Lets all be honest here. In the 3 competitive games we have played so far, we have struggled to put any sort of attacking fluency together whatsover. With City (A), Chelsea (A), Spurs (H) & Utd (A) as our next 4 league fixtures, has Koeman decided to drill us to our back teeth on defensive...
  9. BillLovesRoo

    Starting XI For Our First Europa League Qualifier

    Given that we have our first qualifier in less than 3 weeks how do you think we will look to line up for that game? With the likes of Pickford, Sandro and Holgate only just finished the u21s tournament, will they even be back then? Think it is very important to get out of these stages with out...
  10. BillLovesRoo

    Squad Numbers

    Hi chaps, Anyone know when the new squad numbers are going to be released, i have got the kit for my lad (his first kit) with Davies on the back, as the club aren't putting numbers on the back as they dont want to print out of date numbers on shirts for the fans, does anyone know when they will...
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