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  1. uknightbreed

    the return of arteta

    ok , so arteta is back in the team for boxing day. i was wondering where everyone thinks he should play and who should make way for him ? ive said a few times this season that we are stronger in the middle and weaker out wide so moving him to the flanks would be my choice. arteta fellaini...
  2. uknightbreed

    fellaini and pienaar cm pairing

    i wouldnt have thought this cm pairing of fellaini and pienaar would quite work , but it was devastatingly effective today. dejong and barry were second best to every ball going forward and were pretty much chasing shadows going backward. would you pick the same midfeild again in the next match...
  3. uknightbreed

    Philip Micallef - cretin

    read this pile of trash ....someone save cahill from everton feel free to let your feelings be known. (click :article)
  4. uknightbreed

    oh happy day

    just to take our mind off of things........ post 1 game under moyes which you really enjoyed. my pick is 18/03/06 everton 4 vs 1 aston villa goalscorers cahill (2) , osman , mcfadden , agbonlahor match report i thought we played lovely football that day. (cant find any vids of the...
  5. uknightbreed

    are we really a selling club ?

    ive just read this interesting article on keioc site quote.................. "Everton has made no secret of the fact that they use their asset base to help finance their business. Selling fixed assets, particularly intangibles [players], has proved to be a useful source of additional income...
  6. uknightbreed

    Mathieu Valbuena

    todays linked french player
  7. uknightbreed

    everton make a bid :Blaise Matuidi

    we have released vdm valente and castillo, aswell as a few youngsters including irving and kissock(bit shocked at this one). but according to this article we have made a bid for Blaise Matuidi
  8. uknightbreed

    everton party goes with a bang

    just been reading this on evertonbanter about mark ward quote " I can't quite recall whether he raised his arms slightly or not, but we were in very close proximity, a foot or two apart at most. At that moment I'd forgotten all about Ebbo. I raised the gun, aimed it straight at the centre of...
  9. uknightbreed

    who do you want to 'raise there game'

    i was just looking at our squad and looking for players who could improove on last season.(baines jagielka and pienaar raised there games last season imo , not forgetting rodwell and gosling breaking through aswell) at first i thought id go with hibbert and osman , but (surprising myself)...
  10. uknightbreed

    in the guardian this wednesday

    just been reading this about premier league debt. tomorrow in there paper they are doing a break down of all 20 league prem clubs finances. i cant wait to see evertons.
  11. uknightbreed

    vdm blasts moyes

    anyone seen this......meyde blasts moyes ? is this fella nuts or what ?
  12. uknightbreed

    moyes :pompey and west ham are skanks

    moyes says portsmouth and west ham are a danger to football agree with him 100% probably not legal , but is it time for a wage and transfer cap perhaps ?
  13. uknightbreed

    ben watson

    this from the guardian.... Crystal Palace midfielder Ben Watson is the subject of a comical Benny Hill-style closing credits chase involving representatives from Fulham, Middlesbrough, Everton and West Ham joining the obligatory buxom nurses and elderly men dressed as vicars in hot pursuit...
  14. uknightbreed

    the next 4 prem games

    hull , liverpoofs , arsenal and man utd. we will be phoenix from the flames , steady eddies or drop dead freds ? personnaly , home or away i think we can romp all of them.
  15. uknightbreed

    everton winning race for kirkby

    just came across this article in the mail. normally id say its just another non news kirkby article. but the thing i found interesting was the last comment... "Chairman Bill Kenwright's plan to sell is on hold until he knows if the club are moving, while manager David Moyes is unlikely to...
  16. uknightbreed

    what would you do ?

    if you were the chairman , what would you do with the club if you had no money or couldnt find a buyer/didnt want to sell ? personally i can only see 1/2 ways out . sell the expensive players in the squad to clear the £65 million debt.(to free up anual revenue) and /or sell goodison and...
  17. uknightbreed

    the other ghost of dixie

    not our very own got ghost of dixie , but remember this piece of johnson trash....link. (i just happened upon the pic by accident.) id blanked that rubber monster from my memory:D
  18. uknightbreed

    usa trip= lescott

    well the lads have set off. vdm is left behind along with aj. so we can safely say now that aj is not gonna play for us ever again. i loved lescotts comments about the trip though. i think its the os's best soundbites of the summer. ps to be honest from the pics of the squad leaving , they...
  19. uknightbreed

    the os squad profile

    ive noticed the squad profile has been updated and theres a change or 2. rodwell and gosling are now rated as midfeilders (shame neville is too) molyneux has been added to the defence but along with kissock has no squad number. the other new face , irving , has been given 34.
  20. uknightbreed

    who's improved ?

    in the past 12 months we have had some very solid performances from the squad and most of the players have shone at 1 stage or another. we all have our favourte player and opinion on who's the best . but who do you feel has improoved the most ? im stuck between jags osman or anichebe. but i...
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