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  1. Blue Horse

    Season ticket found

    I got handed a season ticket this morning in work belonging to Anthony Morgan. It was found on a ryanair flight that landed in Dublin. Will be over for Cardiff game and will drop it to ticket office.
  2. Blue Horse

    Taxi fare's to airport.

    Towards the end of last season and once already this season some of our lads heading to the airport from the ground after the match have had taxi drivers try and overcharge them. It usually sets us back twenty quid but lads have been charged near thirty quid. At the spurs game five of our bunch...
  3. Blue Horse

    End of season lap of appreciation

    Its a bit of a tradition for the players to do a lap after the last home game of the season no matter how the season has gone. Last year the ground was less than half empty by the time they came out. Will they have the cheek to one this year given the absolute rubbish they've served up regularly...
  4. Blue Horse

    Flags left in taxi

    Hoping someone might help us. My mate was bringing two flags home from West ham game to bring to Wolfsburg and he left them in the back of the taxi he got into town after the game. One is an Irish tri colour with "NAVAN BLUES" and the other is green white and blue with "DUBLIN BLUES" on it...
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