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  1. bag a yoko

    Transfer Rumour Kim Min-Jae 'The Monster'

    On his way?
  2. bag a yoko

    £85,027,727 in premier league payments but only in 7th place.

    The champions Manchester City earned £96.5m last season, according to figures published by the Premier League, a sharp rise from the £60.8m Manchester United earned from winning the league a year ago. In fact, Cardiff earned more from finishing bottom of the Premier League than United earned as...
  3. bag a yoko

    Moyes sacked

    Lots of news channels reporting his very imminent sacking after failing to get forth. Cant say i feel sorry for him in the slightest but he did well for us.
  4. bag a yoko

    Filip Djordjevic

    The papers in Italy are saying we're in for this Djordjevic chap ahead of Fiorentina and Lazio.
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