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    Has managing Everton, become the hardest job in football?

    Since Moyes, we have had 4 manager, 3 of which came here and tipped to become top managers and 2 have left failures and looking broken men, with another very likely to follow after recent poor results. I didn’t include big Sam as he just came in to do a savour job and to his credit he did that...
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    Players we could realistically get to improve our attacking.

    Hi all as much as I'm happy with our recent run, I would like to see us improve in our attacking, ATM we don't have the players to make that happen. So realiscally who in January do you think we could we possibly get?.
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    How's Moyes feeling now.

    With all the great things happening at Everton now I wonder how Moyes is feeling, also would he still be here if he hadn't have jumped over and failed at the Man Utd job. I actually think if he had wanted to stay here he would still be here Kenwright was very loyal to him, I'm glad he didn't as...
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    Our England players, who will make the euro 2016 squad?.

    Our England players that have caps, Jags,Stones,Baines,Barry,Cleverly,Osman,Barkley,Lennon, which ones have the best chance of making the England squad in the summer?.
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    How did you become an everton fan?.

    My family weren't interested in football.But me and my brother were and I said to my brother I'd randomly open a panini alba and I will support that team,luckily or un luckily for me I opened it on everton.That was 1988 for the record,he picked spurs.
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