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  1. DerbyshireAndHarper


    Will he sign for Spurs?
  2. DerbyshireAndHarper

    Memorable 'ordinary' Everton fans - where are they now?

    There's absolutely no particular reason for creating this thread other than my own curiosity/noseyness. Plus nostalgia, I guess. 1) Stephen Price - the fan who ran on the pitch during Arsenal's 4-1 win over Everton on 21st April, 2001, and confronted the struggling Alex Nyarko, telling him he...
  3. DerbyshireAndHarper

    Chris Matheson MP being gagged by Elstone, EFC shareholders meeting moved to the Winslow pub

    Chris Matheson, Labour MP for Chester and an EFC season ticket holder, stood up in Parliament last October and during a debate, used parliamentary privilege (the ability to say stuff within the confines of parliament without being sued for slander) to state that Philip Green had been a shadow...
  4. DerbyshireAndHarper

    List of when EFC players/staff contracts expire
  5. DerbyshireAndHarper

    Everton U23s doing great

    Beat Arsenal 1-0 tonight, to regain their 6 point lead ahead of 2nd placed Man City, with 6 games left to play (and one of them away at Man City on March 3rd). The win tonight is even better when you consider 7 key members of this season's squad left on loan at the end of January, Delial...
  6. DerbyshireAndHarper

    The Premier League Show - Tonight BBC2 10pm - Gary Lineker interviews Ronald Koeman

    Worth a watch, just letting everyone know it's on in 10 minutes.;)
  7. DerbyshireAndHarper

    Where are they now? Everton's Class of 92

    Everyone knows about the Man Utd Class of 92, but what about Everton's Class of 92? The following players were in our Academy (then YTS/Lancashire League team): Drew Bayley Chilton Coy - Now a Product Manager for Covidien, a Medical Supplies company...
  8. DerbyshireAndHarper

    History of Goodison Park planning applications

    Bit nerdy but this is an interesting site if you're interested in such things: Applications...
  9. DerbyshireAndHarper

    English Football League Trophy 2016/17 Thread

    Thought this was interesting. They've rebranded the Johnstones Paint Trophy as the English Football League Trophy, and it appears Everton will be submitting an U21s team to participate against League 1 & 2 teams next season...
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