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  1. TX Bill

    Match Thread Newcastle United v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    DCL for me. Up to 10th. 7 points off of 4th. Game on !!!
  2. TX Bill

    Moise kean medical

    Should be any moment now for the "Breaking News" graphic.
  3. TX Bill

    2018/19 Nikola Vlasic

    I'd like to see him succeed with us but if he's not in Silva's plans or we have better options, then get as much as we can get for him and move on. I never really thought he got a good run of games to settle in and he looked like he could contribute.
  4. TX Bill

    Dear David Moyes...

    I don't miss bringing in John Heitinga for Phil Neville at defensive midfield at minute 70 when we were losing a match. Not. At. All.
  5. TX Bill

    Match Thread West Ham United v Everton. Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    A battle between the two most consistently inconsistent teams in the league. This will end 2-2.....or 5-0.....or 0-5.....or........
  6. TX Bill

    Everton playing 3 at the back

    Could work if you had Coleman and Baines of five years ago. You don't so scrap it.
  7. TX Bill

    Match Thread Man Utd vs Everton, Sunday 17th Sept 4pm

    5-0. Lukaku only scores twice though. We'll be playing not to lose.
  8. TX Bill

    Transfer Rumour Diego Costa

    I'd take him in a flash. He's an ass. He also scores goals. I know what's more important to Everton FC at this moment.
  9. TX Bill

    2017/18 Kieran Dowell

    On a side note, a friend of mine here is a Forest supporter and I let him know that his team was getting quite a player as many Evertonians didn't want him out on loan. He's looking forward to having him help the club.
  10. TX Bill

    2017/18 Kieran Dowell

    Just stop it. Stop it right there. There will be none of that rational thought and analysis on here. At all !!! Do you understand me?
  11. TX Bill

    2017/18 Ross Barkley

    As for Ross. I'd be perfectly fine with him coming back into the fold and being up for first team selection. As long as he's fit and he's focused on task at hand, he can still add something to this club.
  12. TX Bill

    2017/18 Ross Barkley

    Apologize for what? Having a knob for an agent?
  13. TX Bill

    How many points from our opening 5 games?

    1-6 points. That'll teach you optimists.
  14. TX Bill

    Players You Forgot Played For Everton

    Jelavic (where is he now?) Nuno Valente Mark Pembridge
  15. TX Bill

    Homepage Update: £40m Bid Made For Sigurdsson

    Forgot about that.
  16. TX Bill

    Homepage Update: Koeman: "Barkley looking for a new challenge"

    If I'm Everton, I ask Swansea if they want Barkley as part of the Sigurdsson deal. Or Arsenal as part of any Giroud deal. He's good enough to help get the price down on one of these, or any transfer deal.
  17. TX Bill

    2017/18 Cuco Martina

    Earl is in my town as a youth coach:
  18. TX Bill

    Match Thread Everton vs Ruzemberok, Thursday 27th July, 8.05pm

    Not bad. Had a bit of a preseason feel to it.
  19. TX Bill

    Ross Barkley

    Then either the agent has advised him against signing it or Ross (like any other player) feels he's worth more than what they're offering. Perhaps he's wanting more. Perhaps the club isn't willing to pay him more and was going to sell him regardless. Again....a big effin mess.
  20. TX Bill

    Ross Barkley

    A lot of blame to be shared in this whole mess: 1) Ross Barkley - Could have signed earlier but chose not to for whatever his reasons. Hasn't helped his cause. 2) His agent - Surely Ross is being poorly advised here (in our eyes) which could end up not helping his client for the long haul...
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