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  1. parksey69

    2019/20 Marco Silva

    He will be here til January I’m telling you now
  2. parksey69

    Match Thread Crystal Palace 0-0 Everton, Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    I blame Marco bringing on gbamin when Gomes got injured. Should of brought on Davies as schneiderlin and gbamin played too deep and let palaces midfielders push on. Was only when Davies came on we moved up the pitch more.
  3. parksey69

    2018/19 Yerry Mina

    I just worry whenever he is in the side. I feel so much more comfortable with Keane and Zouma.
  4. parksey69

    Match Thread EVERTON V SOUTHAMPTON Match thread, Report and MotM Poll

    Would rather not rather of been wrong
  5. parksey69

    Match Thread EVERTON V SOUTHAMPTON Match thread, Report and MotM Poll

    Got a horrible feeling Ricarlison
  6. parksey69

    Match Thread EVERTON V SOUTHAMPTON Match thread, Report and MotM Poll

    Just say we can score is there still no replays in this round?
  7. parksey69

    2018/19 Yerry Mina

    Is anyone else worried we are bigging up him too much??? He never shone at Barcelona but he looked good in South America but so did Funes Mori. Yes he did have a decent World Cup but so have so many other players before him like Diouf, diao paborsky and even our own Amo. I hope I’m wrong but...
  8. parksey69

    Confirmed Signing Bernard

    As I said earlier I saw him going into Broadgreen ozzy must be still finishing off his medical.
  9. parksey69

    Confirmed Signing Bernard

    Was picking my wife up from work and saw him going into Broadgreen Hospital this morning at around 7:30am. Last part of his medical I’m guessing
  10. parksey69

    Who is our best player of the Prem?

    Amazing for a right footer how many goals he scored with his left foot
  11. parksey69

    The One Hundred

    Danny Williamson Stephen Hughes Alec Cleland Claus Thomson Brett Angel Stuart Barlow Earl Barrett
  12. parksey69

    2018/19 Phil Jagielka

    What a servant he has been for the club and 5 years ago was one of the best defenders in the prem. unfortunately now age has caught up with him and is now past it.
  13. parksey69

    Match Thread Stade Rennais vs Everton (A) 5.30pm, Saturday 28th July

    This apart from Coleman should be in and captain and Gylfi should be in there too
  14. parksey69

    Everton v Lille/Porto Sat/Sun 21/22 July 8pm KO

    From watching the game the below players need to shipped out Sandro, Klassen, Stekelenburg, besic, Williams and mirallas Keep vlasic, Kenny, Holgate and Davies as back up Then would loan out Robinson (if we sign a left back), Connolly and Pennington I know it’s early and only preseason...
  15. parksey69

    Koeman Out snap poll

    It’s a 3 year contract and he will be here until that finishes.
  16. parksey69

    Koeman Out snap poll

    The way we are playing I think we will be lucky to make top 10
  17. parksey69


    Proper embarrassing if it is angry birds.
  18. parksey69

    2017/18 Tom Davies

    Against the big sides prefer to see Gueye and schneiderlin but I would like to see Davies next to Schneiderlin against the other sides as he can pick a pass at the right time. Perfect example look at palace away last season.
  19. parksey69

    Players You Forgot Played For Everton

    Martin Keown
  20. parksey69

    Really weird Everton match

    The 95 semi when amo subbed himself onto the pitch and then go onto notch 2 goals sending us to Wembley and ruining everyone's dream final of Utd V Spurs
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