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    Evertons rise or Englands demise?

    Honest question - three Everton players realistically England starters when all fully fit. Would this reflect our current team and form in the league, or would it indicate more to the lack of English players availabe for the national manager to select from?
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    New contract for Martinez

    With the knee jerk reactions of the recent defeats and the need to start a poll after each defeat regarding Roberto's job, surely now is the time for another knee jerk reaction after one consecutive victory to begin a petition for an improved contract offer to secure his services at our club for...
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    Getting hold of previous matchday programmes

    Hi all, is anyone aware of how I can get hold of the match day programme for the recent QPR game please any help would be appreciated. I'm Collecting all the home game programmes for my littLe one for his first full season as ST holder, but missed picking one up this due to rushing because it...
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    Free ticket tonight FE8 rowC seat 2222

    Father in law can't make it, ticket for free. Inbox me if interested your phone number & il meet u at turnstlye 1 before game about 7.50.
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