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  1. T LEAFE

    How do i get these bloody snowflakes off my screen?

    Doing my head in
  2. T LEAFE

    Prince Rupert’s Tower
  3. T LEAFE

    Fred Pickering

    RIP Fred He passed away this morning aged 78
  4. T LEAFE

    A team of first names

    Given the popularity of first names on the back of shirts and a temporary lull in the whirlwind transfer window I started to think of our own team. How about... Howard Bernard Gabriel Todd Barry Steven Harvey Donovan Thomas ( D) Vernon Dean Subs Martin/ Arnold/Gerrard Kenny Neville Scott Jo...
  5. T LEAFE

    BFS is back!

    He is managing the England team in the Soccer Aid match tonight He is playing 5 across the back, 3 defensive midfielders and 1 up top. After the match he will be travelling back from Manchester to a hotel in London for a meeting with some middle eastern gentlemen allegedly
  6. T LEAFE

    Who the heck are we going to pick as centre halves on sunday?

    God knows i dont
  7. T LEAFE

    Shane Duffy

    Surely we would have been better to keep him? He is is better than what we have. Cost nowt, sold for peanuts and replaced by £ 30m Keane and £10m Williams
  8. T LEAFE

    RS beat Chelsea so we go second

  9. T LEAFE

    hope akpan off to reading

    having a medical at reading.not sure re fee.we let him go free to crawley. i think he played more as a striker for us but has played midfield for crawley. good luck to him.still only 21
  10. T LEAFE

    i'll never get over today

    3 times i have seen us get beat by the rs in semi's. 1970 at old trafford when we went 1-0 up 1977 at maine road after the clive thomas joke but today was a disgrace.they were there for the beating. i want an apology from the players and management.we deserve better.i feel...
  11. T LEAFE

    gibson injured? if so,we'll see whether he has had a positive impact on felli recently. bum news
  12. T LEAFE

    4th round of cup

    everton fans are now in limbo as we have been told to play bham or notts forest on sunday and the red [Poor language removed] will play their game on saturday if they beat reading. however if they lose to reading our game will be moved back to the now we will have to wait until that replay before we...
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