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  1. Efcgaz83

    Lets laugh at them

  2. Efcgaz83

    Mbaye diagne

    Apparently bid 13.5 and they've accepted
  3. Efcgaz83

    Player training arrival time

    Can anyone tell me what time they'll arrive? Just my lads over from Wales and I want to take him in the morning
  4. Efcgaz83

    What's needed

    So it all went downhill from the start of the premier league, we robbed 95! I was there at the age of 11. So my question is why is the mentallity of the club so wrong? Was it due to us missing the boat I.e city, Chelsea an the likes. You can imagine drama bill meeting new staff an players in...
  5. Efcgaz83

    The run in

    City (h) Watford (a) Cardiff (a) Liverpool (h) Newcastle (a) Chelsea (h) West ham (a) Arsenal (h) Fulham (a) Man u (h) Palace (a) Burnley (h) Tottenham (a) Honestly can see a max of 7 points
  6. Efcgaz83

    If they aint bothered then niether am i

    Got to be the worst bunch of crabs giving absolutely nothing, no fight no passion
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