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  1. Rudolf Hucker


    It’s as easy as 123
  2. Rudolf Hucker

    Time for a big clear out!!!

    That’s the season over. I sincerely hope Usmanov is looking at this & seeing what we see. We’ve got a bunch of wasters bought by 4 managers. Utter dregs who would struggle to get a game at any other EPL club. How do you get rid of massively overpaid wasters though? Sigurdsson...
  3. Rudolf Hucker


    Clearly the obvious choice. Why have these utter bunch of muppets not got him yet? Oh, I answered my own question.
  4. Rudolf Hucker

    January window

    Well that’s an encouraging start. Can’t we throw in Sneiderlin, Keane & Silva for Free?
  5. Rudolf Hucker

    Richard Keys claims Rafa Benitez tried to leave Newcastle United for Everton twice Hmmmm, does Richard Keys have any credibility left??? Would he make something like this up?
  6. Rudolf Hucker

    How much more time should Silva be given?

    3 poor displays. That last night was as bad as anything at the depths of the Koeman era. Didn’t look like the players knew what they were supposed to be doing. I fully expect that villa team to be relegated bottom. They were like a pub team. Silva stood there clueless. He should have...
  7. Rudolf Hucker

    Season Ticket renewal dates.

    Am I right in thinking the Season Ticket renewal dates are being moved further forward every year? The current renewal date is 4th April, or your seats go up for sale!!! This season not even over. If they carry on at this rate they’ll be doing it before Xmas (get in before OUR season is over).
  8. Rudolf Hucker

    Just received a Letter from the club...”foul & abusive language”.

    “We are currently investigating complaints of persistent use of foul & abusive language from supporters located in the area where you have a season card”. They’ve included a phone number & email address to report swearing. This is the top balcony btw. I’ve heard plenty of moronic crap &...
  9. Rudolf Hucker

    The buck stops at the top.

    Yet again, we look look to be in complete disarray. We’ve got enough quality players to be easily making that 6th/7th slot ours, but they can’t string 2 passes together. Can’t fault Moshiri for his spending, but he’s making some bad decisions or being badly advised. He threw Koeman together...
  10. Rudolf Hucker

    Anyone had their Season Tickets yet???

  11. Rudolf Hucker

    Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

  12. Rudolf Hucker

    Julian Nagelsmann

    From an IDW, it’s “nagelled on”.
  13. Rudolf Hucker

    Are Everton FC known to be a soft touch in the game?

    So if we are to believe what we read, not only have Watford not paid Silva since sacking him, but they will demand money from us if we employ the out-of-work manager... We are apparently still paying Roberto (who should have been backed), even though he’s working for Belgium. We are paying...
  14. Rudolf Hucker

    A tail of two businesses

    TALE!!!! Well one who realised the game was now a business 30+ years ago, the other ran like Arkwright’s corner shop. Isn’t it fitting that the player they signed on Jan 1st scores the winner, while our lot apparently did nothing until the window opened. If Moshiri has any sense, he’ll start...
  15. Rudolf Hucker

    Parking tomorrow night?

    Normally use the car park on Walton Breck road, but as it’s close to the tinmine, I’m guessing it might be permit holders only for their home games. What about Stanley Park, is that permits for them? Any ideas? Ta
  16. Rudolf Hucker

    Any Refs on here?

    Or anyone who knows the rules on these two : - Lennon pen yesterday. OK, looks like the lad slipped, but does that make a difference? He still took Lennon out. If a ball hits your arm, it’s a penalty. Doesn’t matter whether it was intentional. For me, that’s a 100% pen, slip or no slip...
  17. Rudolf Hucker

    Why do Everton support StubHub?????

    Total respect to Ed Sheeran for his anti tout stance. It needs stamping out! So WHY do Everton support StubHub? Apparently tickets for tomorrow going for over £200. If you have a season ticket & can't go, GIVE IT TO A MATE YOU UTTER MINGE!!!!! Greed makes me sick.
  18. Rudolf Hucker

    Ticket office issues

    Just had confirmation of my H Split Home ticket on the Auto Cup scheme. No mention of my lad's ticket. They were supposed to have sorted this out. Come on Everton. Sort it out please.
  19. Rudolf Hucker

    Steven Pienaar tells Pickford to "stay off the bevvies"

    What does he mean by that? Does he know there's a drinking culture at Everton? Or does he know from being at Sunderland last season that Pickford is a pisshead?
  20. Rudolf Hucker

    Daley Blind

    If Mourinho wants to let him go (as reported), I really hope we'll pay whatever it takes. Assuming Koeman rates him of course. He can play left sided CB in a 4 or 5, cover left back, but probably best in holding mid. I hated when he rugby tackled Barkley at Wembley, but he did a job for his...
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