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  1. Blue Ray

    Dave Whelan on SSN

    What a fookin state of affairs we're in. Never known anything like this and the silence from the club is deafening. Thanks Kenwright, and the rest of you cock suckers on the board, fookin thanks. This club is well and truely on the bones of its arse and us fans are all embarrassed by the lack of...
  2. Blue Ray

    The Home Crowd Tonight

    Dead mate fookin dead. Flat atmosphere equals flat match.
  3. Blue Ray

    Moyes Out

    Well if a shotgun up the jacksy is what it takes so be it.
  4. Blue Ray

    Moyes Out

  5. Blue Ray

    Moyes Out

  6. Blue Ray

    Moyes Out

    We're up **** creek without a boat never mind a paddle
  7. Blue Ray

    Moyes Out

    Moyes wants money but he wont get it. We're ****ed mate
  8. Blue Ray

    Moyes Out

    Moyes hasnt even had that ffs
  9. Blue Ray

    Moyes Out

    Who then? Alladyce, Royle or maybe Reid? Who the fux gonna come here with no money to spend? Maybe someone out of Broadmoor.
  10. Blue Ray

    Moyes Out

    He's won more than moyes in 5 minutes at brum
  11. Blue Ray

    Moyes Out

    Both mate and Ken****e first.
  12. Blue Ray

    Moyes Out

    Moyes out McLeish in. Fed up to fook of this team. I know he's had no money to spend and thats down to you know who but where the fook were we tonight? Specially after what we did at Chelski. I'm fookin fuming here and they wont get another penny of mine till I see them putting pennies in. I'm...
  13. Blue Ray

    A treat from my email archive...

    Excellent read mate nice one for posting them links (y)
  14. Blue Ray

    Moyes Hints At Incoming Investment....????

    Here we go again. Think I'll get back in bed.
  15. Blue Ray

    Moyes Hints At Incoming Investment....????

    Kenwright must have won a tenner on a scratch card and moyes is hopin he shares it.
  16. Blue Ray

    Dixie Dean Statue Moved..

    Where are they getting money from to move the statue? :unsure:
  17. Blue Ray

    Moyes favourite ahead of Grant to be sacked?

    They wont sack him for 2 simple reasons. They'll never find anyone else for the job. Who the fook is gonna manage a club with no money to spend? Plus them [email protected] couldnt afford to pay him off. Like everyone else am sick of this tight fisted board and something needs to be done. Lets get shut of...
  18. Blue Ray

    The L.C.A.B. / THT Transfer Window Thread ....

    We're laughing stock Fozzy. I'm absolutly discusted and its not a good time to be a blue right now. Has Kenwright gone into hiding or something, not a sign of him and Moyes has been the one whose had to face the cameras and say theres nothing doing. Fuxake we cant even compete with Blackpool...
  19. Blue Ray

    Moyes Substitutions

    He did exactly the same against Arsenal. Left things too late and we played ok after that so maybe he should have started with the side that finished that match. Last night he picks the same starting eleven as the Arsenal match and brings on Beckford and Yak too late. It frustrates me too...
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