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  1. Eggs

    The Deadwood

    Ahead of the January window opening, I thought it might be worth listing those players who it seems are surplus to requirements. My definition is; players who have been around the first team who no longer appear under consideration; Beni Baningime; Aged 21. Everton contract expires 30.06.22...
  2. Eggs

    Where they’re from;

    Football is such a global game but I think we‘ve come to take this for granted over the years. They end up playing footy in Liverpool 4, but I think it’s fascinating to see images of the places our players were born and raised. Yerry Mina comes from a town in Colombia called Guachene;
  3. Eggs

    Weird and wonderful places youve tuned into an Everton match.

    A post on the Travel thread from @Disgruntledgoat got me thinking. He said he’d be listening to this weekends game whilst cycling up the highest road in the Alps and I wondered what other weird and wonderful places other posters have tuned into an Everton game. GOT is such a global and diverse...
  4. Eggs

    Lewis Gibson

    Well, a few of us have been banging on about this youngster for a while on the youth team thread, but i’m absolutely aware it’s a massive step up to the first team. Saying that, it looks like he’s involved pre-season. He’s got pedigree, bought in from Newcastle and captaining the U23s at 18...
  5. Eggs

    Appreciation and thank-you;

    Well, it’s the end of a long old season and there are a number of posters who provide a great service to this site via regular updates, many of whom go under the radar. Thought it would be nice to show our appreciation in one thread. I’ll kick things off with a few; Many thanks to @atrottel in...
  6. Eggs

    First Everton Goal of Your Life

    You can find out here- Mine was from Derek Mayers in a 2-1 win over Sunderland on 22nd Sept 1956. I have to admit to never having heard of Derek Mayers, but he was a local Liverpool lad who scored 7 goals in 18 appearances for the Toffees between...
  7. Eggs

    Ask Steve Walsh?

    I read posts of incredulity on here every day regarding monies spent, transfers, contracts etc and I thought it would be good to canvass what single question you would like to ask Steve Walsh regarding his tenure at Everton. In the interest of fair play and accountability, it would be great if...
  8. Eggs

    So few games, but such an impact.

    Well, it’s an international break so here’s an international break thread. I always think longevity is a factor in being a true Everton great, but there are many who had a significantly positive impact despite not being at the club very long. Using a maximum of 110 league games as criteria...
  9. Eggs

    'Little Boy Blue' - Rhys Jones.

    ITV 4 part drama series concentrating on the investigation into the killing of Rhys Jones will be aired on 24th April;
  10. Eggs

    Erwin Koeman

    Amazing we don't appear to have a thread about our Assistant Manager. Listening to him talk, he's clearly a real football man and perhaps his influence is a little under the radar. Apparently the players respect him and he's happy to shun the limelight. He was a top footballer in his own right...
  11. Eggs

    Ten Games in.

    i very rarely start threads, there are too many frivolous topics for discussion. Saying that we have now reached the first major milestone of the season and the teams/clubs performance is worthy of review; - after 10 games the league has settled, 18 points and 6th place represents a very decent...
  12. Eggs

    Your personal new stadium requirements.

    I'm sure the powers that be read these pages so a thread capturing our own personal requirements for the new build has been suggested. Architects can consider them as part of the design. I was in the ground yesterday and saw the stunning Alan Ball mosaic in the home dressing room. I would love...
  13. Eggs

    Who's the best? Us or them.

    ...ahead of the Derby I thought I'd start a thread about who is the best placed team/club, us or them? My view is that we are better than we think we are and they are not as good as they think they are, but what do you good folk think.
  14. Eggs

    The most unusual thing you've seen happen in an Everton shirt!!

    ....thought it time to bring a light-hearted thread to the site. What is the most unusual thing you've seen happen in an Everton shirt? I suspect I'm a fair bit older than most of you lads/lasses but my event only happened approximately 10 years or so ago. I live not far from Belfield and...
  15. Eggs

    Blues without Felli.......

    With all the doom and gloom following the Felli incident at Stoke, I had a quick look to see how we managed without him in the past. I recall that he was out for a while after he was nobbled by the Greek in red, so I checked the next nine games.... W5; D3; L1. The only game we appear to have...
  16. Eggs

    Long, long injuries

    Why do our players take so long to recover from injury? Recently I spoke with a renowned expert who told me that recovery timescales in Premier League are recorded to assess medical performance. As this person pointed out, the cost of having highly paid players on the sidelines is astronomical...
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