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  1. bluelife

    QPR vs Everton, Sunday 22nd March

    Has this been done like?? A win tomorrow and 11th place might JUST be on the cards
  2. bluelife

    7pm News Conference 30th July (defo Rom)

    Imagine if it wasn't him now!
  3. bluelife

    'Dixie Dean Back At Goodison Park' Seriously bad. Who thought of doing that?
  4. bluelife

    2013/14 wanted team

    Realistic. I'd like this a lot. Howard Coleman-Jags-Distin-Baines Gibson-Fer Mirallas-De Bruyne-Pienaar Jelavic (he'll come good lads i promise) Manager: Roberto Martinez OUT: Fellaini (22M) IN: Leroy Fer (8M) De Bruyne (9M) Official document. Don't question it. Also this is just the main...
  5. bluelife

    When is it alright to call Everton 'us'

    eg... 'we played class at the weekend' 'reading ****ed us sideways' What are the requirements? can any fan say it? only the players/board/coaches etc? I always cringe when i hear people say 'we played well' regarding their club. I'd like to see your opinions...
  6. bluelife

    We've reached new heights

    Just now seen this on a facebook page entitled 'Liverpoolfc Proud News&speculation&transfers' What the
  7. bluelife

    The future of Everton

    Call me a pessimist. Today's loss has furthered the belief that I had developed a few months ago. Things are starting to get worse for Everton, and quite quickly. With the champions league all but out of sights, the blues are condemned to yet another season of chasing cups and getting a solid...
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