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  1. Kenshin

    Carlo Ancelotti

    Also won as many champions leagues and league titles as everyone in the league bar guadiola combined.
  2. Kenshin

    Next Manager (Poll)

    Sky bet?
  3. Kenshin

    Next Manager (Poll)

    Have you noticed a lot of the managers on our 4 man shortlist (that's growing by the day?) Is from sky. I believe noone knows anything about a new manager right now and sky are pushing stories to help their betting site.
  4. Kenshin

    Unai Emery

    Still would want him here. The fella is a winner , he wins trophies. Especially in Europe, wouldn't mind an average away form in the short term in exchange for some europa leagues and champions league football He even got arsenal to the final!
  5. Kenshin

    Unai Emery

    Absolutely , I was saying that in jest. I'd love us to go back to that battling style of play every week, just with added attack quality down the other end. That's an identity that would make us very difficult to play against and threatening when we won possession back.
  6. Kenshin

    Unai Emery

    And we won trophies at other stadiums.
  7. Kenshin

    Should Big Dunc stay as interim till summer?

    Because he has never developed as manager. He has been a coach for years, completely different commodity
  8. Kenshin

    Should Big Dunc stay as interim till summer?

    Look as much as I would love ferguson to be our manager , he clearly isn't ready for top flight management Saturday was an amazing day for the club and for the fans. Ferguson got the win we absolutely needed but can he do it another 22 times? Can he regularly do it every week? What happens...
  9. Kenshin

    Everton FC investigate homophobic chants from own supporters vs Chelsea

    Bloody ridiculous That's been said for years at the Chelsea fans. Why is it all of a sudden homophobic? Surely it's offensive to rent boys that aren't gay, assuming they have to be? Does that make every working girl a lesbian? It's getting far beyond ridiculous now.
  10. Kenshin

    Academy Failure?

    There is no real standard at under 23. Especially when you have a 13 million pound striker close to 30 leading the line. It makes the success a little redundant admittedly. Part of the issue is the coaches sure, otherwise whats the point in the academy? No step ups from title winning sides is...
  11. Kenshin

    Nico Kovac

    I've always considered kovac to be a average manager at best who only got the Bayern Jon because he is a former player.
  12. Kenshin

    Duncan Ferguson - The Coach

    Hope we win today for the big man. Gutted I couldn't be there today, out somewhere else that can't be rearranged. But as a blue growing up with Ferguson as my hero, it's a special thing to have him manage today no matter the result.
  13. Kenshin

    End for Unsworth?

    Given he was crap the first time , not a shock to avoid asking him second time around.
  14. Kenshin

    Homepage Article Marco Silva Sacked

    He seemed like he didn't know how to turn things around though. We just looked lost this season
  15. Kenshin

    Team Vitor!!!

    Isnt this the new Sean dyche story? Sky did this last time and it was never true. Just for sky bet? He could well be boss if we got him.
  16. Kenshin

    Team Vitor!!!

    First signing , jao mouthino
  17. Kenshin

    Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Dream come true for Ferguson this now. Hope we win with Richy banging a header in
  18. Kenshin

    2019/20 Marco Silva

    It is. I don't want to see him back at the club just as much as anyone. There must be a reason other than he knows the club, because he doesn't anymore. A lot has changed since he has been gone.
  19. Kenshin

    2019/20 Marco Silva

    What if, and this is a big if. Part of the idea of Moyes was to work under a very restricted budget again to save money following on from the massive money invested already. Considering we won't have any cash with the new stadium being built, Moyes is proven to work without money and keep...
  20. Kenshin

    2019/20 Marco Silva

    Compared to walsh? I stand by my opinion that brands is far better for this club than those turning on him give him credit for. Hamstrung by massive wages he had to get rid of before signing others, a manager chosen before he arrived who has ran the team into the ground and working under a...